Forum Thread: Crack Password Wifi

I need a good video for "crack password wifi"
if you have one paste the link here please

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There are numerous tutorials here on Null Byte on cracking wifi.

There are plenty of guides in this site, and lot more vids on youtube. Also, each wifi encryption method has its own way. There are at least:

  • Free wifi that needs password to authenticate (hotspot)
  • WEP encrypted networks
  • WPA/WPA2
  • WPS pin
  • ...

So, what do you want to crack today ?

Shortest Answer: wifite

Fern doesnt crack wps, Actually i would recommend using Aircrack-ng since wifite or any other cracker may fail

that's what ii get every time i typed the commands ( I use backtrack for now but i get the same problem in kali )

after that i opened the terminal and i wrote this

aircrack-ng "filename"
and i got this error

root@bt:~# aircrack-ng wep-01.cap
Opening wep-01.cap
Read 183502 packets.

# BSSID ESSID Encryption

1 C8:CD:72:BF:EA:8D SKYFEA8C WPA (1 handshake)

Choosing first network as target.

Opening wep-01.cap
Please specify a dictionary (option -w).

Quitting aircrack-ng...

what i need to do ?

If it wasnt clear, you have to provide a list of 'wifi passwords' in the -w option and it will try to connect with each entry of the list you provided.

so to crack your own wifi, just insert your key in the file.

same problem

As the error said "please specify a dictionery(option -w)"

i did that what do you think it's still not working... i am trying something else

Don't mind me, trying to see if I am able to post.

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