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I am trying to crack my own facebook account with not luck....
here what i did:

  1. i run in terminal and enter the email
  2. i created a passwords list and I enter the passwords in the terminal
  3. it always writes the first number , word in the wordlist and it does not work...
  4. I have some pictures anyway

i put 2 more pirctures to show you..... the first the program show me just the first number , word in the wordlist.

someone can show me the way to crack the password

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Wouldnt it stop working because facebook got passwords attempts limit? i mean if it tries 10 wrong passwords facebook will not allow any other attempts and the script will not work properly?

I think you are correct, cause I only tested putting the password at the second item of the list. I'm still trying to fix the Python scripts, I will post if get any successful results.

try to test it on your account make like a random words list and put the real password at the end and see if it works

how is it save...?


perl login wordlist

You got to have Perl installed in your machine. Then save the Perl script as, and type perl <email or login> <path to wordlist>

u dont open it you use it open up terminal then write perl filepath its how to use for options use help of that script it should help you out.

can someone make a video or explain to us step by step how to crack password facebook account with wordlist and

yes i worked for half hour nou i get the same as omar loratm

someone can please help us to understand this problem with video or explain us step by step it will help us a lot ...

I use this brute forcer ...

It uses the Facebook chat client to attempt to login instead of using the HTTP form which is awesome since the chat login doesn't seem to reach attempt limits and lock you out like the form would.

I have python-xmpp but neither "simple login" nor "brute force" work. I just get error messages. I tried multiple email addresses for the "username" field.

Me too. Lot of errors and the last one was something like 'internal server error'. I searched and only reached at the documentation. Not sure if is worth to read just for this.

BURNCT i am trying to run the script but it does not open
i got this error
Traceback (most recent call last):
file "" , line 3 , in <module>
importError:No module named xmpp

do you know what is mean?
can you help me to open this script...

install python xmpp by typing apt-get install python-xmpp

you need to install xmpp module in your machine ,

google it (installing python xmpp ) i could tell you use pip or easy_install ,but ut seems you don't have knowledge about python or other programming language , so google it and follow the steps

lol its worked stupid of my that i dont have used a vpn now have facebook blocked my IP :P
but now i use a vpn so i can use facebook again

dude i dont know how to do it i tried everything can you make a video or something ??
i want to understand how to do it

I may be resurrecting this, but I found a Python script that works with Instagram. I put my password at the 20th item in the wordlist and it worked. Apparently, Instagram does not block you from excessive attempts, but I can't test with a huge wordlist cause my connection keeps falling and this break the script. If the target has the same password for both social networks, congratulations, you just hacked facebook. Script

This thread is probably dead, but on line 60 of the following is written:

if log != login:
print "\n\n\n * Password found .. !!"

Simply meaning that if the login doesn't work it gives you the password.
Changing line 60 to:
if log is login:

The program will continue to attempt login properly.

P.S: The link for logging in doesn't matter. is still a valid login url.

heyya, actually it works thanks alot! Still there is the problem of facebook logging you out after some tries but the works now. Awesome!

@Zach Landon

-- Adam

Actually it didnt really say password found. It stopped identifying it! Any ideas about that?
@Zach Landon

-- Adam

Since when you login the URL becomes , i tried to change the line "if log != login" to "if log == ''

I still hadn't the occasion to try it because of the "too many attempts" problem, maybe someone can try it and post whether it works or not

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