Forum Thread: Crack Hashes with Shacrack

Shacrack is my tool to cracking hashes with precomputed tables.
This solution allow faster cracking but it need large disk because table contains: id, hash, password.
All data is saved to sqlite file.(.db)

Step 1: Installation

To download

Git Clone [Https:// ]

Go to folder and program and type:


Step 2: Inserting Wordlist to Db

To start program type:


The you will get that screen:

You need to type "1"
Your wordlist must be named dictionary.txt
If program worked correctly you could get hashes on terminal.

Step 3: Attack on Hash

Again start program but in selection type "2"
Then you will be asked about hash. Simply copy it.
On sucess you will get

On fail:

This is end of that tutorial. Thank for reading, you can contribute to that program.
Currently this is small program, but with your help this will be powerful cracking tool.

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2 Responses

How does it know what hashes are what?

Does it auto-assume what hash it is?

This work only on sha-256. Other algos will be added soon

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