Forum Thread: Delete Infected Apk from Victim Phone Remotely

hello guys i have a problem and i couldn't find answer in ANY site !

i just created and apk with msfvenom and install it on android phone and control it with my listener.everything looks fine but i wanted to know if my victim complain to cyber police will i get into trouble?and what can i do to avoid that?i was thinking about deleting the payload from victim's phone remotely or just make it stop sending stages to our listener.i mean i could be found by my static ip and i want to avoid that.DO NOT want to use vpn or something like ngrok !i was wondering if u help me out.thnx <3

p.s:sorry for having gramatical mistakes :)

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I don't know how to delete infected file sent by attacker itself.
But if you need to stay hidden on victim's phone maybe it's better to cover your trace,and delete log list,etc...
To stay hidden
There are plenty of ways to do that on web

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