Forum Thread: HELP I Created an Apk for Hacking My Phone Using Kali Linux in Virtual Box How Can I Install That Apk on My Phone

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Emailing it to yourself and downloading it on your mobile then using a file explorer like Astro should work.

The easiest way is to just connect your phone to you PC via USB and drag it over though.

What if I'm usin a vbox...
And .apk detected virus so can't forward it to ur mail
What to do now?

it is simple my frend ...all you need is to enable the apache2 service on your attacking machine by typeint the following command

service apache2 start

then move the apk to the following path /var/www/html ..let us assume that the ap is in the desktop so u have to type the following

mv /root/desktop/sfsdfs.apk /var/www/html
then go to your phone and type this
your local ip address/sfsdf.apk ..and it will be downloaded
hope that aswers your question

Missing destination file operand after /root/.............../html
Help me pls!!!!

then go to your phone and type this
your local ip address/sfsdf.apk

in this thing iam getting error, site is not opening and saying site is not rechable

youv'e probably figured it out by now but. I thought Id expand a bit on the previous answers.

you need to make sure you have "unknown sources" set to allow. You should be able to find it in your phones security settings most likely.

Also you will probably have to sign the apk to avoid the "parsing" error. You should be able to open a kali terminal and use the command "d2j-apk-sign nameof.apk". Alternatively you can use an app called "zipsigner"(among others) from google play and do it after you dl it to your phone.

Lastly as Luke mentioned, just use a file manager to find and select the apk.

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