Forum Thread: FBI Iphone Hacking

Okay we have seen it in the News, Now as white hats what methods would you use?

Thinking today myself i would build a machine to tap the pass code in but that could destroy the data after 10 failed if that setting is on.

Has anyone had experience of IPhone decryption?

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this is kinda the hackers we think that we have to somehow either decrypt or find some exploit but thats over thinking it. if you have the resources that the fbi has just clone the data on the chip and keep trying passwords and when it locks you out just load the clone back in and keep going. the fbi was either fucking with apple or is actually incompetent. just my two cents.


Yeah I think they could've just cloned the SSD.

Okay so you do manage to get a copy of the SSD, what would you use to decrypt? Surely Apple use a decent encryption?

umm...that password? i think youre missing the point. if you can bypass the lockout brute forcing becomes easy.

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