Forum Thread: How to Hack My College Website ?

I want to hack this website
I tried to scan it with nikto -h and then i got some exploit data base

How do i use this exploit to hack my college webiste?

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Since you are not a professional hacker you should not even try to hack your college website since it will only get you in jail. Just stop.

But can this website be hacked ?
N i have a query that how do i use that exploit ... ?

Listen to Bart and quit your activities immediatly. That's the only advice I am giving.

You're not playing with fire, you're playing with nuclear warheads.


Yeah, it isn't as simple as passing through a Test Server(or some secret Government server) and later deleting its logs, or deleting your IP from logs in telnet folder, or something similar.

The rule of thumb can be: unless you are sure you can create false positives, stay away from anything that could land you in trouble. And we don't have a Log Deleter v4, impossible to detect.

If ruining own life is worth hacking it, then go for it. We have a Metasploit series(free) on Null Byte, Metasploit Unleashed(free) course on OffSec, some more good courses around the internet, and some good books you can find.

And you have my word that if you are actually caught, there is no promising legal life ahead of you. I can quote evidences from India.

-The Joker

Good job on the Uplink refferences.


asking this questions shows you are not skilled enough. Think of the consequences first and if its worth it. But from what I have heard, many school sites usually dont carry the most expensive security.

Anything can be hacked. If you look around you will find plenty of tutorials on how to do so. But as said before, you should not.


The best you could do without training is being thrown into the jail. I don't think any country has laws to oppose it. India, for one, does not, unless you have enough resources.

Even the most sophisticated hackers have to test out each step locally before doing it in the real world.
It's not Uplink or Hacker Evolution or HackEx or HackThisGame.

Still, if you're not convinced, learn to use Metasploit, and then do what you want. Unless you're willing to learn it, I wouldn't recommend you doing anything. It could as much as ruin your life, and I'm NOT exaggerating. And you should already know this, I think.

Learn it completely, and you can do it yourself. Or forget it completely if you don't want to learn.

-The Joker

This is not to demotivate you. But to be frank, there is no one line answer for this. If you do not know what you are doing, you might get a suspension from school or worse, go to jail. Learn metasploit and other tools, understand it and then try this. Always remember "Half knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge"

I got it ...i would learn metasploit but how ? Through your site only ?

It won't be your college for long if you go through with it.

Ok, But what is the purpose of you doing this act? What are you trying to get out of hacking your college website? Nothing and Nobody is stopping you from doing what you want, but as the others say is it really worth it?

~ V3N0MZ

um...dude, this is a whiteHat community...they won't help you hack your college's website. And doing so will land you in very hot water...

i asked it just for knowledge purpose there is no bad intentions behind it :P and probably i would have reported the vulnerabilities to the college department :)

but unless you have permission from the college dept, hacking without permission will land you in deep trouble.

This guy is on point.


Save the exploit code with extension .sh and run it skadoosh ????

How will anyone know its me hacking if I hide my ip while hacking a website ?

A couple of us made it to college all because we have to help us. High school was fun, i mean the friends and the party was fun that we sometimes wish we could just stay young forever. I had a great experience but when its time to go you kinda have to, i had bad grades and frankly i was really scared of my exams which made the day one of my friends suggested to contact an hacker to see maybe they can help one of the happiest days i can think of. Luckily for us one of my friends have the same idea and got us the contact of her aunt's hacker, we paid him and he changed all our grades, all of us. i even referred him to my cousin when he wanted to spy on his girlfriend and he helped him, i will advise you contact him

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