Forum Thread: How to Hack Personal Info

do you know how to hack sb with an e-mail an access their information like cookies?
I know it's possible but i don't know how.
could you help me?

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No, I won't help you.


Read through my many articles here and you should be able to figure it out on your own.

Edit:-This question looks like the hotdog on main page -
I like cookies.Give me more cookies now.
Random thought: You want to session hijack from an email.?.

I suggest you do some reading here in %00 byte before you try in the wild.

i think Social Engineering will be efficient in this case!

I want to know is it a xml code or these stuff and is there any way to start and stop it

to know the code and the way that it works

#You need to learn to crawl before you try and run a marathon.
exit 0

Coding should be first needed skill after (ergh, before) knowing how to use Linux and hacking tools. You can't talk about code without knowing what does it mean, but we can point you in the right direction ;) !

Ps. Those tripple dots tho.

Abolfazl Ayazi:

If you're seriously wanting to learn and to put in the hard yards, then I will gladly help you.

As others have said, coding is a much needed skill in hacking. Go here to start learning some of the languages available.

Almost all hacking tools will be developed for use in a Linux environment, so learning how to use Linux proficiently is also a must. Go here to start learning.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help you learn and grow.


As CyberHitchHiker suggested, you can also follow Code Academy's courses to learn more about main script languages.

You can also check Coursera for free video courses understanding computers and other stuffs like cryptography, compilers, etc. And then visit Udacity and look for the Web Development course. It's free. and it'll teach you the basics of http responses and every basics about web. Then you go start trying OTW's tutorials.

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