Forum Thread: Can Someone Hack into Your Computer Using Your Ip Address?

Someone recently told me that they hacked into my computer and iPhone using my IP address. They were able to download my iMessages, emails, and as far as Instagram messages, and Spotify info onto a server and read through personal messages from a specific time period. They also said they were able to access this because I was connect to their internet network. Is this possible? If it is possible, how much and what sort of information would they have been able to retrieve?

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They also mentioned being able to listen to voicemails.

They probably lied to you and was trying to scare you or extort you. It is almost impossible to get hacked on your iPhone. Unless you jailbroke it or do not update to the latest ios, it's only possible if they found a zero day vulnerability and were able to create an exploit.

Hacking though a public IP address is also almost impossible. Routers have firewalls and your device would have had to have a port open. You said though that they claimed to be on the same network. If you were on the same private network, it does get easier to hack into a device as you can avoid the router firewall, but it would still take a vulnerability and an exploit to do it.

Ask him to release some of the info he has on you as proof and then tell him the police are on the way.

Thank you. They won't divulge any information found.

You say you were connected to their network?

Yes, their home internet connection.

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