Forum Thread: How to Hack a Website to Edit It

Hi Guys
I have Kali (using VMware to run it on my windows 7 laptop)

I would like to know how i can hack websites to edit their content. In other words to change what they say and how they look

I have look all over null bye and Google to find something like this but i haven't found a single tutorial.

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The art of hacking depends on various things, u need to find a way into the system in order to take control.

there are many tools which can help you find the "security holes" or create a trojan to enter the system...

Edit any website's text using code
javascript:document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

you can also use developer tools
of google chrome

That's a good way to ask, finally.

I think your problem is that there is not a straight forward way to do this, and if you didn't find anything on google and here, then it's probably just a matter of keywords.

The fact is that, you don't run a program, hack the website and a nice windows will show you the content of the website with arrows and text field to practically change (I guess you know it, just writing this for future reference ;)).

If you are really interested, the process generally sounds like this.

First, start with Linux theory (we have a lot of that stuff here, also programming skill is appreciated!), then follow some recon and exploiting how-tos to taste how it works, try it your own in your lab test.

Once you understand the process and get into it, you have plenty of ways.

Search something like this. Probably, all those 3 letters words and vulnerability don't mean anything to you, but that's the way you do what you asked for, just never give up!

Finally, a recap that IMO should be used every time a question like this is asked, here we have the "hacking for newbies" forum by OTW. I strongly recommend you to read it and follow the entire process.

PS: To hack the content of the web page, you must have access to the server and then edit the files with an editor of your choice.

please ,for certified needs , i need to learn how to bypass cc shops

Cluffy I could do with a private chat with you on an encrypted chat. Think it's possible

Thanks so much CIUFFY
much appreciated and has open much of my understanding of how to do this kind of thing!!

Glad of it! Ask if you encounter any problem ;)

Hello Ciuffy. How can i get access to the server when its asking for admin USER ID and password?

Mmm interesting really... Although however have you tried more optional freedom ^..^ ? such as schools if your trying to interfere cyber security based neutrality from yet free resources chances are their is going to a small pick, however so.... It is likely the specific server your targeting is depending on how much they care/aware. once of the greatest way's to infect any system for that matter is slowly crawl your way in from the bottom sometimes admin accounts best to target, the certain aspects are tempting enough to combine any malware, null, idle,trojan, without vpn tor proxy rdp jumping to defend yourself. cyber security is a very serious thing since the world as we know it is involving.... since people tend to use the illusionist banks and such virtually it is raw prosperity to join this dark world.. experience is the greatest teacher in this category. mmmm I can't really say the nsa or anonymous would approve of wanting the desire to use power for the wrong doing... yet I am not going to be judgemental about your choices, if your not going to be a white hat hacker instead black hat then yet I may state constantly remind yourself your up against pity of the odds..kind sir ^..^

Hi guys. I need to hack my school website and it probably does not have much protection. I need to hack it by next week. Any thoughts?

I have a website I payed for. A person in India built it for me. I need to update it and they will not respond to my emails, texts, etc. about the corrections I need on the site. Is there a way for someone else to get into the site and do it for me? Please, any help is appreciated, I am not tech saavy.


hey i work for you what type of changes you want in the website.

TAIMOOR ALAM could u help me edit a txt on the Lowe's web page asap

hey, I can also help you if u r interested. I love to do code for web app or website.

Hi.. just taking a shot in the dark to see if you would want to help editing the page source of something I am hoping to do

can i change the contents of a website with sql injection?

Hi. I was asked by someone to add a comunication platform on his bussines website and im just wondering how I can do that. Im not very tech savvy so I just want to know if I will be able to do it

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