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Many of you have written me asking where you should start in your hacking education/career. If you are not familiar with Linux, I definitely recommend that you start with my Linux tutorials. Presently, there are eleven (11), but there are more on the way. Every hacker MUST have basic Linux skills as nearly all the hacking tools are written for Linux.

Once you have mastered basic Linux skills, here are the tutorials I suggest you read and master next. I would suggest that you do them in order, but that is not necessary.

  1. Install BackTrack
  2. Getting Started with BackTrack
  3. Passive Reconnaissance
  4. Active Reconnaissance with Nmap
  5. Active Reconnaissance with Hping3
  6. Active Reconnaissance with Xprobe2
  7. Windows Password Cracking
  8. Linux Password Cracking
  9. Hacking Wi-Fi
  10. Getting Started with Metasploit
  11. Finding Vulnerabilities

When you have completed each of these tutorials, you will have a fundamental understanding of hacking. At that point, you can go on to some of the more advanced tools and hacks with Metasploit, aircrack-ng, and others.

Happy hacking!

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Master OTW...i have a seems you prefer backtrack to kali...may i know why? but most ppl are saying kali is better...lemme have your opinion master :)


In my experience, it seems far more likely that OTW uses BT because it is more user friendly and easier to pick up on. There are also some features in Kali that are missing, but are present in BT.

Notable features are that BT has a preset dictionary for dictionary attacks. But personally? I prefer Kali since it isn't too hard to get a dictionary and programming your own brute force tool isn't too problematic as well if your system can handle it.

its super and I can find more and more with innovative ideas really super..

A million thank yous. I'm so bummed I didn't come across this months ago. It would have saved me loads of time. Keep up the amazing work. Following!

Hello there,is there tutorials on how to get started on how to learn Linux language? thanks


I have series on using Linux called "linux for the aspiring hacker".


Thanks OTW,but what about KALI,are you going to be teaching us how to use Kali or Linux? They are similar but how do we translate it into Linux,I have to read all of these tutorials to catch up lol... O btw have you heard of Virtual PC Emulator? I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on that,for newbies that need practice?

Kali is a Linux distribution, so learning Linux is learning Kali.

Don't use Virtual PC. Use Virtual Box.

Is there a clean version I can use?Do you happen to have a link? thanks

I have been reading your post throughout the last couple days and am really enjoying myself and I am wanting to get started. Which program would you recommend?

  • Debian
  • Linspire
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SUSE
  • Slackware

Thank you for your time and all of your post, can't wait to get started!



All of those distributions are good, but we use Kali Linux because it has all our tools built in. It is built on Debian.


If possible how can I download Kali Linux without it overwriting my Windows or fully transferring my computer from Windows over to Linux?


Downloading Kali won't touch your Windows. It will simply download about a 3gb file. Then, you have two options. You can install it as a Virtual Machine inside Windows or, you can create a dual boot system where you boot into either Windows or Linux.


hello there , i am knew to all this and i like hacking and these stuff and i am willing to do anything to master it . i just want someone to give me advice or where to start and how can i download linux .

thank u for your time :)

Dear otw
i cant boot kali from a usb, when i try... nothing happens.
i used Unetbooting to get kali into the usb stick.
but it wont boot?
whats wrong?!

Hi... Newbie_Hacker

Errors causes are unlimited, try to follow this guide on Null Byte about Kali Linux USB/CD Live/Persistence Installation, you might find what you've done wrong or perhaps learn how to do it correctly. Ask there if you are still not able to do it.

hello , i am a school student and i want to learn more about hacking and maybe master them one day . am i in the right place ? bcz there are many things i coudnt understand them i just want to be a hacker , where do i start ? and is there something i should know before getting into this .

thank you for your time :)

use "Linux Live USB" ( google it as Liliusb)

yeah you can as well burn it in DVD or as stated above and make a dual boot its much better when you want to do your hackings just switch to kali. i like it much

OTW should update some of the articles and write some new ones!

Can you do a dual boot with kali on an external hard drive? I have a Macbook Pro, and I just want to have kali completely separate from my internal drive, so I'd like to be able to boot it from an external USB drive. Is that possible? The external drive is a 500 GB Seagate.

EXCELLENT resource for beginning hackers! I'm digging it.

Anysuggest where to go from after the metasploit how to? I know how metasploit works but it doesnt give me the feeling as a hacker since it seems pretty pre written for me. All i have to do is choosing exploit and the payload, doesnt feel like a real hacker to me. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Hi there. I'm new in hacking area and i have encountered a proble. I downloaded kali from official site and tried to install it from an usb drive to my laptop but i keep getting an error soething like mount drive ....invalid argument and them black screen nothing happens next. How can i install it? Or is it only live version? Tnx

Hi guys, about to download Linux for an old xp laptop to replace windows.
In order to make sure I have space for the best newbie and pro tools, would you suggest Xubuntu, L, MATE or another?

I appreciate this post. Thank you so much. I never been computer savi. It's never been an issue. I just lately got very sick and can't work and I've been at home sick and in allot of pain and decided to learn about computers and a little about hacking and programming. So I'm just even learning the language and this article is very very helpful.

i couldn't hack with kali in virtual box........plz help me frnds

What do you mean? Is it an error? Explain more.

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