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Hey there people, I've been lurking around this site for a bit and decided to make an account, recently got a macbook pro and was wondering if anyone has any experience in using a macbook pro and the ups and downs when using it to hack.


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MacBooks use Intel CPUs and Wifi card.

Should be no problem with Kali. I have been using Ubuntu as a live USB install on different Apple computers over the years, and the network drivers always worked out of the box.

Just try booting Kali from a live usb. Should be no problem

Thanks for the reply

A concern of mine is how to actually boot the disk. would I boot while holding "Option"?

Yes, you must hold left alt/option before the apple pops up. On the white screen. You will see all your partitons with hard drives normally, but you are using a Live Version, It will has a USB icon. Depending on how you install, the Live USB most likely will show "WINDOWS" Instead of Linux or something.


upon boot up (before it shows the Apple logo), hold down the Option key, then 3 options should pop up (assuming you have no other partitions, and you're booting Kali from a liveUSB). They are the main OSX, the recovery OSX, and a third icon labeled "Windows"


One thing I did notice with my macbook, is that its internal Wifi card doesn't work with Kali for some reason, so I had to buy an external USB wifi-card (if thats the right term)

Also, the mac Command key doesn't seem to do anything. Kali follows the same rules as many other Linux distros. In that it uses the Control key similar to that of WindowsOS.

I run Kali (Live Persistence) on many Computers, but I use it quite often on a Macbook pro myself. It has been the easiest device to use kali from, and it works fine with an ALFA cards. (also look at my answer above in reply to Peyton Almond for more information)

I would also look into kali docker image, mac OSX can run docker images and this is a convenient solution if you want to have access to your mac and kali at the same time.


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