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Hello everyone!

I have a question- I know both the Public and Private IP of a person. I also know the OS this person is using. When I search their Public IP on , I get the location of their ISP.

Since I know their private IP too, is their any way of locating them? I thought Nmap would help but it doesn't. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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try msfconsole to access their device .. you can get other details with live location also

Wrong. Jumping to trying a hail mary for an exploit is a rookie mistake. Do your research, find a problem, then leverage it. You can't just jump to step 3.

Short answer: no.
Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

(Real) Long answer: The private IP isn't called that because it's secret - it's called that because it's a local thing. It's simply the IP that is assigned by the wifi/ethernet network you're on. My private IP address is, but I can blather that to anyone without a fear in the world because that's true for millions of other computers - just none of the computers on my specific network. Unless you're on the same network as the target, the private IP is basically useless. The public IP, however, is slightly more useful. However, without a warrant and/or court order, you won't be able to get closer than the ISP - if you're lucky, and I mean very lucky, you might be able to get neighborhood-level resolution, but that's incredibly rare. Chances are, you might not even get the same CITY as your target. Basically, you're S.O.L.

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible, to give a link to the person, the link, before taking them to the website takes them to another site which asks for their location. If they accept, they're then redirected to the website of the link. Do such facilities exist?


That's a social engineering attack, but technically speaking yes. It would require permission to request a location. Depending on the quality of the target's phone's GPS, you can get reasonably accurate results. However, this is purely SE and malicious websites and has nothing to do with an IP address.

I would actually also like to know that answer to this. Tools like Trape, TrackURL and others aren't working for some reason.

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