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Hi, I have always wanted to learn hacking but i don't know where to start...
I have been looking around, but I can't seem to find a place to start or what i need to start.

Please help me :D <3

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at first learn about basic networking.. then install a Linux like Kali Linux distro for use professional and powerful hacking programs. t

Step 1: Learn Attack Method

Try to read some blog about :
Brute force attack.
Dictonary attack.
See some codes on
Learn exploit making porcedure.

Leanr how to code. You can find many types of oppionion of what language you should choose. But my oppinion is to start with c program. then c++ after that whatever you want.

Step 2: Make Some Project Program

After learn programming learn how a IP address work. networks work. Then try to make some malicious virus or exploit and upload it to GitHub community.

Share with someone who is the better on this platform. In this case stack overflow is the best medium.

If you follow these procedures you can be a better hacker one day.
Thank you
Md. Masud karim.

What do you want to learn? what do you wish to gain? Here are a few guides
Hack Android, Hack computers: pentesting, possibly exploit development
Hack video games: reverse engineering
So, in general:
1:networking skills

you will need to know in detail how networking concepts work. This includes Mac addressing, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, NAT, as these concepts will be very important.

2:Scripting/coding skills

With these, you will be able to automate tasks, along with write your own tools. Bash is a must, with either ruby or python.

From here on, it is concerned with what you want to do/learn. Please follow accordingly
Database hacking: SQL
Website/web application hacking: a whole host of languages would be helpful
Wireless hacking: WPA, WPA2, WEP
Exploit development: Assembly, C, Operating Systems, Fuzzing

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