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Hello everyone , I am having a error in installation process , I am getting ext4 file system error while installing kali linux in bootable pendrive ?? . Also I am not able to run fsck command in shell as it's a root command , PLEASE HELP ??

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Hi I solved this error while creating partions choose manual
and create these partions below
boot - ext4
root - ext4
home - ext4
swap- click use as and click swap area
usr - ext4
If you have any problems reply to me Thanks

I have done exaclty like you said but I am getting same problem. Can you please explain the steps in detail.

There are a few steps to do before you check and repair your file system. You need to locate a device and unmount.

View Mounted Disks and Partitions
To view all mounted devices on your system and check disk location, use one of the available tools in Linux.

One method to locate the disk you want to scan is to list the filesystem disks with the df command:

The tool prints the data usage on your system and filesystems. Take note of the disk you want to check with the fsck command.

To view partitions for your first disk, for example, use the following command:

sudo parted /dev/sda 'print'
sda is how Linux refers to your first SCSI disk. If you have two, the second would be sdb, and so on.

Make sure to run the unmount command:

sudo umount /dev/sdb
Replace /dev/sdb with the device you want to unmount.

Note that you cannot unmount root filesystems. Hence, now fsck can't be used on a running machine. More on that towards the end of the guide.

Run fsck to Check for Errors
Now that you unmounted the disk, you can run fsck. To check the second disk, enter:

sudo fsck /dev/sdb

I hope this helps!
Matt Henry

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