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I'm using metasploit to perform a ssh login scan on a range of ips from and up and I don't know how to write it. For example, I'm trying to scan,,, all the way up to This isn't the actual ip btw, just a made up one. Can someone help please?

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By what i remember from nmap, it should be . Correct me if i'm wrong, or tells if it works.


You have to know the netmask of the network you want so scan.
I recommend you to fresh up your knowledge of IP and Subnetting.

So you have your IP Address:
In binary that is:

The netmask defines the host and network part of your address.

As you can see with this netmask the first 24 bits are used --> network part. The remaining bits are free for your host adresses, in this case 254.

Netmask: = /24

To answer your question:
Find out what netmask is used and write it either way full like this or the shot form like that /24.

Examples: = 25
--> 126 free hosts = 30
--> 3 free hosts

Hope you try to learn a little bit more abuot the topic instead of just typing in everything and hoping it workes.

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