Forum Thread: Port Forwarding Problems

Hello null byte, i'm having some issues when i try to port-forward. For some reason my router doesn't let me put my public IP to open the 4444 port it gives an error saying it's not the same subnet with LAN IP address, therefore i can only open my router IP, but when i check the port, it's still closed. can someone help me please?

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hi theres some possibleties
first maybe your isp blocked port 4444
sec make sure you put right ip at field of router check it by
ifconfig/ipconfig(for windows)
for exmp mine is
then u have to listen on that port open handler on metasploit
go to
check 4444 or what ever you puted as port ( 5555 ,6996,4445 are good options).

Well i tried many ports, even minecraft port and it's still closed, i don't think my ISP would block minecraft lol, what can i do?

i have the same problem i opened some ports and checked them on canyouseeme they all work just fine except for port 4444 it shows that the port is closed i know i did everything correctly opened the port in the vm, the kali ufw ,windows fw and the router

my best guess is the ISP is blocking it

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