Forum Thread: Is There a VPN That Keeps No Log??

Is these any vpn that actually dose not keep logs or give your information to the goverment if asked.
I read through policies of some vpn's that claim not to keep logs.
all of say that they will give details and activity of users if requisted by the authority

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Take a look at my guide on privacy where I go into a fair amount of detail about VPNs. Generally speaking every OS and server keeps some sort of system logs, but it is the removal of those logs that bears any meaning.

As for government orders, the only time the authorities cannot obtain private intelligence is when it is no longer present (see above).


Many VPNs claim to keep no logs. I can claim that I'm a six-foot sex god with a buff body that women find irresistible. Should you believe me? Probably not!

Having said that, a site called Torrentfreak is very interested in anonymous torrenting and asks a number of questions to various VPN providers each year. Whether or not you can trust their answers is up to you to decide. When considering this you should bear in mind whether you can open an account with a blatantly disposable email address, whether you can pay anonymously (by which I mean Ucash vouchers, cash or similar because we all know that, despite the hype, Bitcoin is not necessarily anonymous), where your VPN providers servers are located and the legal ramifications of this, etc.

I firmly believe that internet anonymity is achievable, it's just a complete ball-ache to do properly. The basics involve buying a laptop for cash, using live Kali distros, hacking numerous wi-fi access points outside of the standard public wi-fi area to avoid CCTV cameras (at least in the UK where we are all watched like like laboratory mice), avoiding login patterns to avoid physical surveillance, generating online currency to purchase additional layers of protection like VPNs, MAC spoofing, protecting against DNS leaks etc etc etc.

Please feel free to read this, but bear in mind it's the 2015 version and another will be along shortly.

I would also recommend the Jolly Roger OPSEC guide.

On a final note I would refer to Nirvana; "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you".

All very adequate points, but I would not rely on TF's analytical review of VPNs solely. As with any service provider, you adopt a contract (ToS that nobody ever reads) when you sign up for a VPN, in which it states all of the terms that you are bound to comply with.

No matter what the website's front page claims, the ToS (Terms of Service) and Privacy Policy is the first page you should be reading if you are in any way concerned about privacy.

Great reading recommendations, but I would add Layman's Guide to OpSec to the reading list. It isn't as detailed as the Jolly Roger OpSec guide, but it gives some general advice that I would personally take on board.


I recommend Private Internet Access, it's super inexpensive and you only need one account to use it on all your devices simultaneously. Most require you to purchase a separate account for each device (or disconnect one of your devises to connect it on another). Here is the torrentfreak review link:

Like TRT said however, you can't solely rely on this article. TRT was also right in that everyone must comply with the ToS which are based on applicable laws. However these laws vary from country to country and some countries aren't bound to US laws which will force the VPN company to hand over their logs to the feds. You can google for more information.

You will NEVER get a "correct" answer on which VPN to use because there will never be any consensus.


I would like to share my researches, because finding a secure, fast and overall trustworthy VPN provider can really become a challenge,

After analyzing a lot of vpn reviews and privacy policies,

I think the less untrustworthy VPN provider is AirVPN, they encourage you to avoid communicating any personal information, accept bitcoin payment, shared IPs, they own their DNS servers, very correct speed (4Mb/s minimum allocated bandwidth), Open Source (no logs, they are piped to /dev/null every 60min from what I understood), COMPANY IS LOCATED OUTSIDE US, VPN over TOR for paranoid fellows and a lot of other features,

you people can go check it yourself here , I personally was charmed

This is of course my opinion, and it only meets my own requirements, privacy and security, for other purposes there might be better services

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