Forum Thread: How Could I Use TOR's Anonymity as a VPN Like ExpressVPN and Not Just as a Secure Web Browser?

I want a good VPN but i don't really want to pay the money for something i am not guaranteed to always use, as i have found VPN's to be somewhat of a problem while playing online games. If we could utilize what TOR has done to protect its users while browsing the internet could we also use this same "protocol" as a VPN?

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You may want to read this. The page states:
"This document details ... ... routing all traffic on a standalone machine through Tor"

Also useful:

  • Install anonsurf and that will route your traffic though TOR
  • Use TAILS (I know, not ideal, but it does exactly what you're asking for)
  • Reroute Virtual Machine (VM) traffic through TOR using this guide. The problem with that is, you might not be wanting to run a VM


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