Linux for Hackers: What Linux Skills Would You Like Me to Cover in the Future?

So far, I have now done eleven (11) tutorials on Linux Basics for Aspiring Hackers. Most of you seem to appreciate them. As I consider what areas of Linux to cover in future tutorials, I thought I would throw it out to the members of Null Byte to give me some direction. What skills would you like me to cover in upcoming tutorials?

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You have done an amazing work. I used to surf the web from site to site but ever since I found your first posted topic I have found Null Byte world as home.

Outstanding tutorials and great follow up... It simply feels the same as if I was paying private lessons that I have the willing to take but not the money to afford them.

Once again Thanks!

In regards to a different topic; I am just a newcomer reading and learning as much as I can along the way. I have already read the 11 tutorials for aspiring hackers :) and that really helped me a lot understanding the basics of how linux work.

This was what got me started:

First off thanks for everything you have posted, they are tremendously helpful! Second, i feel like what skills you should start covering is maybe automating commands and stuff and the basics of BASH scripting and maybe even logic like if's and conditionals and loops and stuff.

What about covering devices management on Linux ? How to detect new devices, mount and umount commands, /dev directory, df, lspci, etc. Even if it's not directly bound with hacking, it's more than essential for any linuxian to know some stuff about that. Otherwise, the basics of bash scripting may also be useful.

What about things like grep, sed and awk? Is text processing essential for aspiring hacker?


Welcome to Null Byte!

I covered grep is a couple of the tutorials. I consider sed and awk text processing commands, so I'll cover them there. As most everything in linux is a text file, text processing is crucial.


Master OTW, I greatly appreciate your tutorials and through them I've started learning more fundamental skills such as editing HTML source, brushing up on my C, learning python and using Linux for more than just hacking (to be well rounded and i use the terminal for almost everything).

I would like to see more tutorials relating to performing recon on websites, such as reading the source of html to find a webs structure, what it's built on and how to research what you find, ie you find it runs on SQL so you learn about SQL injection but what about other methods such as XSS and cookie manipulation and when do you use these methods?


Welcome to Null Byte!

I definitely have more web app hacking and recon coming this year.


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