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Hi, first, I want to say sorry to TRT that I wrote vulgar words to him in my previous post (it is removed now). Now the question: If anyone can help ... I am on Wi-Fi with my Kali Linux, I am trying to get backdoor .exe file to target PC... can somebody find me using my LOCAL IP ? I mean there are 20 connected users and if can somebody find me physically. It might be wrong question, sorry for that.

Thanks for every answer.

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Can you explain how please ? ( short explaination is enough)

Thanks in advance.

Are there another ways than the mac address ?

Yes, they needs at least 3, hence the name triangulation (triangle have 3 points)

Yes, using WiFi triangulation but it would be rather difficult, but it is definitely possible.

Thanks, Washu, you said it's difficult, can someone do it in about 5 - 10 minutes?

The issue isn't time, it can be done under 5 mins, maybe even under 3 mins. The problem is that they need 3 different WiFi devices specifically made to triangulate and they must be all set up and ready to go when they start. I wouldn't worry about it to much since unless they are very security conscious with a very fast deploy team then you should be able to pull it off.


So without 3 AP's they can't find my physical location ?

Well they're not necessarily AP, they just need to be WiFi adapters (since you the adapters don't have to be broadcasting anything you won't be able to know if they are being used or not). Theoretically speaking, and I'm just thinking of this now, using only one the could see if the signal is getting strong or weaker and eventually find you this way but this would be more tedious and pretty rudimentary.


Yeah, but I'll see that if there will be a man with notebook running around the area and looking for me. Then I'll disconnect and leave. Thanks for your answers, I appreciate it.

You must write down your local IP in the payload, you know, for it to know it must connect back to you. The only problem is that people can still physically run.

You misunderstood. I know how to make backdoor, I just needed to know if can some admin of network physically find me using local IP...

Because of the fact that "you must write down your local IP", if they have the payload they have you.

Is it clearer now? You seriously didn't even try to think on my sentence.

I think OP is trying to find out whether or not one someone has his local ip can they physically track him down. He's not worried about them finding the local ip, only finding him using the local ip.


Sorry, I didn't get it. Now I understand. I am not native english speaker

No problem, me neither. Also: routers usually log MAC addresses linked to given IPs. It is possible that they can find the MAC address. Still if they find out someone has been hacked and stop the ones connected from running away, you are going to be busted, one way or another.

If the admin knows your local IP and the device it belongs to then, customarily, they would find you as they know where the machine is located (assuming it's a stationary establishment). If you are on LAN rather than Wireless LAN (WLAN), then the admin definitely knows where you are (again, assuming that he knows where the Ethernet cable is located).

However, if you are using Wi-Fi and a portable device then, since you could be connected from anywhere, it is close to impossible for the admin to find you. I say almost because if it is a network (as you said), then it most likely has multiple Wi-Fi routers and repeaters. The admin would be able to see which one you are connected to and go to that area. It narrows the search down significantly.

Furthermore, if we go deeper into this, then we could say that the admin can analyse the router to which you are connected and, by signal strength, they can then work out the radius (i.e. distance between you and the router). All the admin would have to do now is position themselves at that distance and circle the router. Eventually they may find you...

Only problem is, you already left :D

Plot twist: you are the admin.

What do you mean "you are the admin" ?

oh, "twist" , now I get it, sorry.

And yes, it is a network, but I think there is just one router and nothing else. And can I DDoS an client of a network? Because I've used Google and I found only how to DDoS entire network (I want to get user out of the network (admin) without accessing router).

You can execute a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against practically any device. You just need to know the target IP address and send packets to it.

If it is a device on your local network, it will be much easier to 'bring them down' because there is higher throughput, and so more of your packets get delivered in a shorter timeframe.

This could be the case over WAN, but the connection between you and the target would have to go through as least hops as possible in order to achieve (close to) the same throughput as over LAN (or WLAN).

So for your task, nmap can conduct a DoS attack, hping3 can as well, and then there are all these tools that were posted by OTW.


You could also do a deauth attack.


I did deauth, but it worked only on entire network for me.

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