Forum Thread: How to Make a Terminal Chat App in Ubuntu Like Die Hard 4?

I have seen that movie alot of time and thinking that how can i develop such a terminal program.
Btw let me tell you i am a developer. So i do have programming knowledge.
So please guide me how can i make such terminal chat app in Ubuntu.

Thank you

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This shouldn't be too complicated to make simple chat application. Here are some important points to respect (it's not an exhaustive list):

  • You need a client app for users and a server app in order to bind all client app's that want to join the chat.
  • The communication can be supported with TCP/IP sockets for example.
  • The client must be able to send and receive messages from the server.
  • The server must be able to receive messages from clients and then forward it to all others clients except the sender.
  • For the client you'll need a create a seperated thread to handle incoming messages because your main thread with be busy with the user input. This thread will print the sender's id after receiving the message.

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