Forum Thread: Metasploit Doesn't Find New Modules

Hi everyone, i've a problem. I saw the post about how install new modules on metasploit, but it doesn't works.

I continue, I need an exploit that is in exploit-db. I run this:

searchsploit Apache 2.4

It's fine, and I found the exploit that I need. I can see in that screen the route where searchsploit store his exploits and I copy it. It's all fine... but here appears the problems.

I copy this exploit (46676.php) in this route (previosly created with mkdir -p)


Then, I update the database

sudo updatedb

But now, when it supose that I should find my new exploit thats imposible to find. Doesn't works:

use exploits/linux/local/46676.php
search 46676
search 46676.php

All has the same response: No results

Anyone can help me? Sincerally I don't have what's the problem. Thanks for your time

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I have exactly the same problem !! pls inlighten us

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