Forum Thread: Metasploit Doesn't Find New Modules

Hi everyone, i've a problem. I saw the post about how install new modules on metasploit, but it doesn't works.

I continue, I need an exploit that is in exploit-db. I run this:

searchsploit Apache 2.4

It's fine, and I found the exploit that I need. I can see in that screen the route where searchsploit store his exploits and I copy it. It's all fine... but here appears the problems.

I copy this exploit (46676.php) in this route (previosly created with mkdir -p)


Then, I update the database

sudo updatedb

But now, when it supose that I should find my new exploit thats imposible to find. Doesn't works:

use exploits/linux/local/46676.php
search 46676
search 46676.php

All has the same response: No results

Anyone can help me? Sincerally I don't have what's the problem. Thanks for your time

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I have exactly the same problem !! pls inlighten us

Make sure to launch msfconsole as root as it will need permission to open the folder where the new module is stored.

sudo -s
search (module no.)

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