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I have a problem with mitmf. I want to use the jskeylogger and I have seen lots of tutorial how its going. I did it and I dont get no problems. But I get no Posts from the victim. If I open the IE 11, there are no Posts in my terminal. My MitMf version is the newest version.

my command:
mitmf -i eth0 --spoof --arp --gateway --target --jskeylogger

Anyone now this problem?

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JSKeylogger seems working, try going to google from the computer of the victim and writing something to search, you should see what victim is typing on your terminal.

I done it but I dont get packets. I have here 2 Laptops and 1 Pc and I dont know who is the "victim". Or Its doesnt matter who the victim is because we all are in one network.

??? The victim is what you have specified as target, the host with IP:

Yes I know , but I dont get Packets. What could be the problem?

because probably you dont have :)
use nmap to ping sweep yout subnet.Make sure you use right IP address and everything should go fine.
I just tested right now

What is the Command for using namp to ping sweep subnet? I want to now my right ip address

If you want to know the right IP address use ifconfig (Linux and Mac) or ipconfig (Windows).

there show my with ifconfig only the inet-address and bcoast address.

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