Forum Thread: Ms-Sql-Hasdbaccess Doesnt Return DB Names

I installed SQL EXPRESS and STUDIO Express (2005) on Win7 VM. then in the Studio Express ran the Northwind installation query with SQL Authentication (sa,123). so I want to run the "ms-sql-hasdbaccess" script to get the northwind DB in the output.

now when I run "nmap -p1433 ms-sql-hasdbaccess --script-args mssql.username=sa,mssql.password=123"
the Output is as bellow:
Starting Nmap 6.49BETA4 ( ) at 2015-12-26 05:38 EST
Nmap scan report for ms-sql-hasdbaccess (
Host is up (0.00093s latency).
1433/tcp filtered ms-sql-s

Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.00030s latency).
1433/tcp open ms-sql-s
MAC Address: 00:0C:29:C7:96:87 (VMware)

Nmap done: 2 IP addresses (2 hosts up) scanned in 20.07 seconds

why the output doesnt show the Northwind.

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