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I installed kali linux 2020.1 on an old macbookpro 2012 not a VM, but i cant use the Wifi.

I already tried alot of tutorials on youtube and already found one here:

But this doesnt work for me.
I currently doesnt even show Wifi in the dropdown menu and if i get it to show i says "disconnected".

If i do airmon-ng it doesnt show anything at the moment.
And when it does show something it says:

PHY: phy0 and phy1
Interface: Wlan0mon and Wlan1
Driver: mac80211_hwsim for both of them
Chipset: Software simulator of 802.11 radio(s) for mac80211

If you need any more info let me know, i am also a total beginner at this.

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Did you ever find a soulition?

The VM doesn't recognize internal WiFi card so you need to a external WiFi card for Kali in vm to detect wireless network

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