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I was practicing metasploit when i was asked for the IP address of the RHOST, I've never used nmap before, and i think its time to get some basics on it, especially how to get IP addresses on my network,

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ok.., well start by having a look at nmap howto's !
and yea ,play with it ,works great!

There are nmap tutorial here on Null Byte. Simply type nmap into the search window at the top.

OTW has posted a few articles here on Null Byte about nmap.

please use the search function next time.

You seem new around here. So if you haven't already, please read this.


I've done my research, just wasn't what i was looking for, i post questions only as a last resort.

Then what is it you're looking for, exactly?


some videos !

check this out!

Also, as OTW said, there are SO many good tutorials here...
Assuming your network is default, I would do this:
nmap -sP (add sudo if needed)

is it possible to install fing on Kali !!,,??

i don't really think you need that with nmap... anyway, there's a version for linux so yes

too late installed it . working just fine . thanks bro

thenewboston has videos for nmap and metasploit.

yep, watching them at the moment. thanks

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