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So I downloaded kali2 for raspi2 and saw that size was about 1 gb... searched a bit... so im gonna list a few things please correct me if im wrong..

  1. The 1 gb img doesnt have the kali tools that the iso we install on pc have
  2. To get those tools I have to get kali metpaskage called "kali-linux-full" which needs 9 gb size installed...
  3. My sd card is 16 gb so it will fit in nicely..

Am I right or am I wrong??

And one last question.. does the dd if=img of=sdcard create a persistant install.. I mean one the if I restart my pi the things I worked on will be saved..

Thanks ;);)

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Ofc buddy I read that...

But the main question right now in my mind is.. after extracting the 1gb image... its 8gb.. and I read that the full-tools are 9gb... that totals 16.. which wont fit in my 16 gn sd..

My question is that are all those 9gb tools not installed in the minimum toolset of pi2kali img?? If not.. then how much size aee already there??

Yes DD will create a persistent install.

Thnx! For clarifying that ;);)

"The Raspberry Pi ARM images tend to not include as many tools as a full installation based on the need to meet the limited storage and processing capabilities offered by a Raspberry Pi."

You can always install more tools, very unlikely people use every single tool built into the distro in general as it's built with a wide range of tools to suit peoples various needs.

I just want them to be present at the time of need..

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