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Can Someone Help Me with This Error? I Got No Help from Anywhere. I Am Having This Problem Since I Did Msfupdate.

And yeah, I'm new to Linux, so go easy on me.

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Try msfupdate again. If it doesn't work,
Try commands:

service metasploit stop
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get -f install
bundle install

If any error message, try again:
apt-get -f install

If all as done well, try:


Source :

I did that but there were some errors. Although I did the dist-upgrade and now it's fine(obviously). Thanks for the help though. Appreciate your reply.

Yeah, no problem. Just FYI, I'm sure you noticed but this site is basically dead. It's still got great content but most contributors left after OTW.

Seriously? And I just discovered this site. It's quite helpful for learning. And I just realized why OTW doesn't reply. lol. Anyways, thanks for the help and for letting me know this.

Hello and welcome to Null-Byte,

Just a personal opinion that if Mr.OTW left, does not mean that this site would die or anything like that because "Ideas are bullet proof" even if our teacher has left for some reason does not mean that we should sit down and stop "Knowing". There are great articles on this site that you can study and then help those who are troubled, with your knowledge. Hope that this community would get revived with the same old thrill and awesomeness.


So you delete my comment explaining what happened? This management is terrible.

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