Forum Thread: No Wifi Card Found on Kali Linux

Hello Guys,im newbie here and just starting use kali linux,and i got some problem,im use win7 and kali linux dual boot on my pc,my problem is,when checking my wlan thing,(i dont know what its called)

with iwconfig ,its say no wlan was found,im found this problem when tryn to use some BeeF Framework,does anybody got a solution for my problem??

and hope you guys can understand what im say because my english need some rebuild :/

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Well, do you actually have a wireless card (internal or external) ? what is that model/brand/chipset?

You can get an Alfa wifi card for 25$ and solve all your problems, but most are already supported (most pc/netbook/notebook I tried kali on, all worked with no problem).

You usually have problem when running on VM, but usb live boot or dual boot shouldn't.

do you mean this one ??
this is the only wifi card enabled and it was internal.
are the external one you mean like a bluetooth adapter ??

Are you sure it's a wifi card ? From GBE I can infer it's a GigaBitEthernet, and from the icon I see in your bottom right corner, it's cable, not wifi...

With external I meant a dongle... yeah, just like bluetooth, just... a wifi capable one.

From the screenshot you posted, it looks you are on ethernet, not wifi. Correct me if I'm wrong...

If you boot kali and do ifconfig do you see an eth0 connected ?

EDIT: look at adapter type ... it says ethernet... so that's not a wificard, it's almost cable for sure.

i dont see eth0 what should i do?? TRIPHAT

That's an ethernet adapter you're showing in the picture not wifi (may be wrong but i googled the card name and it just shows an ethernet port for his card), and also triphat means a wireless adapter like the ALFA he mentioned.

Go into linux and type ifconfig, it should have showed the wireless interface wlan0 when you typed iwconfig though. Try bringing the interface up, that may help.

command: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

im not say thats my wifi adapter but i'm gonna say that is the only thing get recognized on my PC when i'm access my network already put my wifi adapter inside but maybe i am not place it properly or something was broke maybe??

and yes thanks for help me :) really appreciate it
let me boot to linux and send another screenshot

If that's the only card recognized by win7, either you did not install the wifi driver (unlikely), or you only have the ethernet card.

If Kali can't recognize your card, both with iwconfig of ifconfig, chances are you just don't have one, and you should buy one, if you want to tinker with wifi.

because you say like that,im have to explain something a little bit,my win7 is pirated one because im lost my original installation,and unfortunately,my pirated win7 disc have no driver included even for the ethernet and graphic card,im have to download it through my phone and then move it to my pc with usb cabel,and of course im have a wifi card when im brough my PC.

got some suggestion for me ??
and im have another question,are usb wifi adapter or wireless adapter exist ??
if it does where can i get it ??

They exist (wifi adapters) if you buy them from a store.
As far as drivers go you will need a grip of drivers.
I use this to deal with outdated/missing Windows drivers without scraping the entire inter webs for them.

Example for Alfas:

Just a thought.

im just gonna make i'm fully understand how this work,(if) im brought an internal wifi adapter,and installed it in my Win7,will my kali linux OS will recognize my internal wifi adapter or im have to install another driver in kali ??since im use a dual boot things make me a little bit confuse

If you buy a compatible Alfa wifi adapter with a driver disc it will work in both. You will need the driver disc for W7. Kali should recognize the Alfa if it's not VM/VB, if you get a 036 of some flavor except the NHR or whichever one keeps failing here on the boards to save yourself issues later, if you are really new.

from what I know, if you are going to run Kali, there's no need to install the software on Win7 (my experience is running Kali via LiveUSB), since most wifi adapters (at least the ones I know) are Plug n Play for Kali

you mean that Plug and Play if we use the external wifi adapter,right ??
what placed in my mind is what if we installed inside not from usb port or wireless one,
and yes thanks for your suggestion

You can have an iternal card too, but I'd still advise you to buy an external Alfa one, as it's guaranteed to work out of the box, and it will be more portable (you can move it to another pc, laptop, netbook, you can even plug it in your android...).

Sorry I need to ask something....Is it possible to have wi-fi connection in Kali linux beside the default (wired connection) that appears without an external wi-fi card installed. I am using hp ProBook 6570b and i don't know much about laptops but it does connect to the wifi even though in Kali linux 2.0 no wi-fi is showing. Does this mean I need to buy an external wi-fi card to be able to connect to wi-fi in Kali Linux 2.0?

that external card sounds great,thanks for your suggest,hope im not ask to much.

You're welcome, we all have to start at some point.

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