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Okay, so I've tried out BugTraq 2, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)



1.) A great amount of tools come out of box

2.) Black Widow is designed for the pros and newbies alike

3.) Has icons for every application!

4.) Has a cool startup sound

5.) Both Debian and Ubuntu downloads from the BugTraq website. (also available in OpenSuse)

6.) Doesn't need a GPU to run but requires one for it's GPU attacks (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)

7.) Just as minimalistic as Kali linux

8.) Menus are easy to understand and organized very well

9.) Basically a more organized, re-textured version of Kali Linux


1.) Needs better repositories because not everything is in the bugtraq Repos. (to fix it, simply add Kali Linux repos)

2.) * The hyphen/underscore key is mapped to ' / ? instead of - / _

3.) * The Plus/Equals key is mapped to UpsideDownExclamationMark/UpsideDownQuestionMark instead of +/=

4.) Out of box default username is not the regular Username:"root", Password:"toor". It is "bugtraq", "123456"
*Take note that this does not correlate with the Numpad. The Numpad works as desired.

All in all, I like the UI of BugTraq, but I prefer the features of Kali Linux more.

I Have Moved!

I regret to say, that this will possibly be one of my last few posts here on the NullByte community! I've now moved to a site called ./Bitatar. I do invite you all to come and give this new and blossoming community a try, and to post things on there. We are open to many ideas and suggestions. Feel free to drop by sometime and have a look-see! Here is the link: You can find me at the username AppleDash48.

EDIT: We have just recently found out that an admin was stealing from NullByte! (I.E, forum posts) We have since deleted the posts (thankfully we figured out how just in time) and will continue to delete them because they are plagiarized! We do not wish to have that in our blossoming community, and apologize to anyone that it may have angered. We do not tolerate people posting something and claiming it is theirs when it's not! If you wish to report any plagiarized works on our site, please feel free to do so and it will be promptly taken down as soon as possible!

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OK :) ... Hope you have a great time and also drop by too sometimes.

# Sergeant

I get that error with Kali too, but if I change Keyboaard settings to Spanish (that's the layout I use) it fixes :)

Have a nice time over there!

Oh come on... Who is going to be my grammar "natzi"??

lmao xD I'll be on from time to time. Don't worry. :3 It's just kinda hectic for me to try to keep up with two forums at once right now.

Nice post.Kudo +1.
I just install it on my usb for a live system.
That's so powerful.
But i prefer Kali linux(11th August will produce a new version2.0!!)
I don't know who is this person(But it is useful):
Hope you have a nice day.

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