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As a Computer Forensic Expert I Need to Recover a Facebook's Password Using Only the Password. The Evidence Was Wiped and I Got Only the Username.

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Can you give us more details?

Hi, I have only the ID account. From the expertise I got only that information. I need to access the account to see msg and friends of that person.

is there anyway to access such information remotely?

the account belongs to a suspect. i used many forensic tools however i got anything

I have to say, I am very skeptical of your account. First, if you were truly a forensic expert, as you say, you could easily access that Facebook password. Second, you are now asking whether it can be accessed remotely. You seem to imply earlier that you had the suspect's machine in your custody.

I recommend that you look at the many ways of recovering Facebook passwords from the tutorials on Null Byte.

thanks indeed for your reply. access remotely means the side server (Facebook) not the computer it self as we have the computer in the custody. I used Encase and FTK 5 and I got only the ID account (even the hash value is corrupted ). I can transfer the case to other services to do such task, however it will take time. We expect to find important information ASAP this is why Iam asking. Even i tried a python script but.. nothing as well

If you need the password ASAP, then simply contact Facebook, identify yourself as law enforcement and they will give you the password.

Well You can see some of suspect's friends using this trick but this trick will take time!

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