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Forum Thread: Hack a Facebook Account

How to hack a Facebook account? Here is a question that everyone is asking? How to hack a Facebook account of my husband to find out if he is faithful? How to hack a Facebook account of my girlfriend to find out if she really loves me? How to hack a Facebook account of my boss to know what he thinks of me?

Forum Thread: EDB to PST Converter

EDB to PST Converter software user can efficiently recuperate damage EDB file as well as convert EDB to PST file in just few moments. It is compatible to recover from corrupt mailbox database and can export Exchange database into PST, PDF, MSG, EML and MBOX file formats.

Forum Thread: How to Stay Anonymous While RATting (Level: Paranoid)

Hello my curious community members! This is my first post here. I noticed anonymity is a big topic here last few weeks. Today i will present you how paranoid blackhat hackers with large botnets stay anonymous and teoretically safe. I will post more about RATting since its not covered here by others ( who are doing really great job educating this community, big up OTW,phoenix,crackerhacker etc..).

Forum Thread: Trying to Get a Presistent Back Door on Android !!HELP!!

Hey people I am trying to get A Presistent Back Door on android 5.0.1 samsung s4 GT-I9505 so I did some googleing and found some Tutorials that had some infomation on how to get a A Back Door to stay Presistent But none of them work they are old posts and not good enough explanation for the methods used * I want to change Directory to SdCard found in (e.g4) to upload (.sh file e.g7) that I found on Null but as said* I am unable to to get to the SdCard Because of error and then the session clo...

Forum Thread: Mr Robot Capture the Flag Walk Through

The following is a walk through of how I solved the Capture the Flag Challenge presented by the intentionally vulnerable virtual machine, Mr. Robot, which can be downloaded at,151/. The goal is to compromise the system to locate three hidden keys which are each progressively more difficult to find.

Forum Thread: DV-PI Assistance?

Have successfully created a Live USB with Kali Linux, and managed to get DV-PI's vulnerable services up and running. after a few nmap scans I am curious how to use the information gathered to exploit the system? this is my first penetration-test and I am a bit lost and do not want to get discouraged.

Forum Thread: Eml to PST Conversion

Use One of the best Regain EML to PST Converter which can easily convert EML file into PST format without losing any data and convert single as well as multiple EML file at a one time.It also convert Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple email and uses EML to PST file format.This software is well compatible with Outlook Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2007 and 2013 and 2016.

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