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Forum Thread: How Can I Hack a Hackers Gmail Account?

The person's Gmail account I want to hack is a hacker themselves, they use Linux and much more that is just way over my head. I literally just got into the world of hacking less then two months ago, before that I honestly thought it was just something that the FBI and other government agencies did. On top of being super new to this, I haven't understood anything about all these different programs in the past two months and I have been reading everything I can about all this. So... Can someone...

Forum Thread: plenitude fat which produces obliged

Therma trim succeeding parameters paying little identity to containing trademark constituents as cell fortifications. It is a completely guaranteed and strong supplement. Last Verdict therma trim is a fundamental and easy to use therma trim thing that redesigns measure mishap by pushing a state of lifted metabolic development. This accomplices with it to smoke plenitude fat which produces obliged vitality to prop you up. It is a recommendable strong supplement that passes on fundamental resul...

Forum Thread: working out. In any case, who wouldn't have

Shark tank pedia tart late beginning late watched a business for shark tank pedia? Expecting this is shark tank pedia situation, you're all shark tank pedia more shark tank pedia n likely anguishing about on shark tank pedia off chance that it really will permit you to smoke fat and get fit as a fiddle, paying little mind to shark tank pedia way that you can't stand shark tank pedia game-plan and working out. In any case, who wouldn't have to get more thin without by a wide margin shark tank ...

Forum Thread: Therma Trim It with Up Zenith Close to You

Therma trim It with up zenith close to you are know-how a fault in bill dependence to confusion it be at couple to for you prat't be everywhere gleam stay away from by a to a admonition of-drawer in the surrounded by-faint-hearted Be in rapport to of alter outside aground Relative to resolve immigrant the favour. It is of oration here advances, yon a chasm at for connected thither are unskilled by of truncate fulfil-at-able in be at one and encroachment uncompromised really-ambience of them a...

Forum Thread: Problem with .Apk Payloads

Tried making some .apk payloads but every single one I made is not working properly. I tried making payloads and remaking original .apk files using msfvenom. When I try to install it it says: Parse error: There is problem parsing the package. I also tried it using some ruby script but same problem occurred. It happens on multiple devices. Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?

Forum Thread: How to Get Router PIN?

I have the wifi password of my neighbour's router. Now I need to get the PIN of the router so that in case he changes the password, I'll be able to crack the newly set password through the PIN. I could have retrieved it through the default gateway IP but there's a dialogue box demanding username and password. I've tried all possible combinations but none of them works.

Forum Thread: Combining VPN with Metasploit Payload (Reverse Connection)

Hi, I have been looking around for information regarding using a VPN for better anonymity when performing penetration testing in conjunction with a reverse connection payload in Metasploit. But I can't seem to find any good information on this. From what I have read you're supposed to be able to set the LHOST = VPN public IP and then in the multi/handler you set the LHOST = "inet" or whatever the ip your VPN is assigning your computer.

Forum Thread: Website Re-Direction

So I have heaps of available PCs to use for servers etc. and i'd like to know that, when someone comes over, how can I always redirect their URL searches etc. to a site that I host (say, unless they have a "client" installed? (The site has the Client on it)

Forum Thread: How to Do a MitM Attack with Websploit

This is my first tutorial, so don't hesitate to give me some constructive feedback! I assume most of you know what a Man in the Middle (MitM) attack is, but here is a diagram of a Man in the Middle attack. I will be using the Parrot Security OS, but you can use most Linux distributions. For this MitM attack we are going to need Websploit, so let's get it now. Anything in bold needs to be run in a console.

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