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Forum Thread: How to Connect?

So, i've been trying to connect to my steph mothers computer. First i tried to get her ip adress without going on her computer's cmd.. wich i don't think turned out that okay. I typed arp -a -n in my Iterm2 it gave me alot of ip-adresses yet there aren't alot of computers on my network so i thought that was a bit strange.

Forum Thread: Hack Without Sending an Executable?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was possible to hack either Windows or OSX without remote execution of an application. What I mean is that it seems that the tutorials here are about using tools like msfvenom to create an executable file that has to be sent to the victim. Is there another way to remotely hack someone's computer? Thanks.

Forum Thread: Monitor Mode Kills WiFi Kali Linux

I have a TP-Link WN721N and whenever I put it inti monitor mode I get disconnected from the network that i am on and cannot connect to any networks, if i use airmon-ng to get into monitor mode network manager wont even detect my wifi card. please reply quickly as I am leaving to DEFCON soon.

Forum Thread: [HELP] [NEWBIE] Lost Wifi Connection in Kali 2.0

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I love hacking (after seeing Mr. Robot of course xD) but i'm new to this, actually i know nothing about and just started installing Kali 2.0 couple of days ago. I started messing up with some airmon-ng and aircrack commands. At first i type in "airmon-ng kill check" then it said it killed something i didn't remember, then after a couple of failed attempts on cracking WPA, i quit the Terminal and i started suffering web normally but then i realize that someh...

Forum Thread: Hello,

am using kali linux sine 2 years, most of the time it will be tunneled under tor, am having a problem with providing local host while creating a payload, i want to try metasploit over WAN but due to tor i dont know which ip should provide while creating a payload... plz suggest me.. Thank You

Forum Thread: Catching Exploits/Malware on a Live OS Honeypot!

Welcome back my aspiring honeypot hacker enthusiasts! I previously wrote an article on catching malware with Dionaea. This was a great way to get introduced into the world of honeypots. I then had to step up my game, creating a real live honeypot network. I'll begin explaining this is detail to my all hacker brothers reading this. Please note: This takes a lot of time to setup/trial/error, you will want to pull out your hair at times, you might even throw your cat across the room,who knows? b...

Forum Thread: Kali Linux Not Boot/Grub Loader Missing

Ever since I install Kali Linux on Windows 10, for some reason I cannot boot Kali Linux after the installation. I was wondering why and did some research. I found out that I was missing grub loader in order to dual boot. I tried everything from typing commands from Kali Live to downloading programs such as EasyBCD. I have Legacy Boot Enabled and disabled Secure Boot on BIOS. Here is what I did so far:

Forum Thread: Can You Run Kali Programs in Python on a Windows Computer?

I was wondering if I can clone files from git hub and run them from python on a windows machine. Also, are commands on Kali Linux on python the same as if I wanted to do the same thing on python on windows. For example if I did git clone (github url) on kali it would install the program if I did the same on windows python would it be the same. Sorry if I am a noob I would greatly appreciate help and I thank you in advance.

Forum Thread: Beginner

I'm fairly new to all the hacking stuff, but i've been searching how to's for 2 days straight.. yet none of them worked. So any tips of what i hack, what is VERY easy for even beginners.

Reverse Connection Fails: Metasploit

The metasploit framework doesnot connect to the remote payload it is just stuck on starting payload handler. It was working fine few days ago with the same payload bound with an apk. Now its not connecting when I start the app. All commands are correct. It usually fails to connect to the database. Can anyone help whats the problem and how to fix it..

Forum Thread: Script on Android?

Hello everyone, I've a question: can I create a script that works on android? This would be my ideally project: when I put a pendrive into my phone, the script inside the usb pen automatically copy the folder "My journey" inside the external drive, is it possible? Someone could post the script already complete? Thanks for the help and I'n sorry for any grammatical error

Forum Thread: Can I Access Admin Page Through an Unauthorized IP ?

well guys I'm new here! and I was always stumbling across this one problem, it maybe easy to bypass but not for me because I'm new to hacking . I get the admin page of a website I also manage to sqlmap that website and get admin credentials but for some reason when I enter the url for the admin page to sign in to the cpanel it says that I don't have permission to access it so it clearly only allows access to a specific ip or a machine I guess so is there any way to bypass that and get to the ...

Forum Thread: How to Use Metasploit to Hack Android Phones Over WAN Using Your Own Android Hotspot. (Expert Hackers).

Hello, everyone I have successfully used metasploit to hack android on LAN using my own android Hotspot connection. Now, I want to know how to use metasploit over WAN using the same. I can only connect my Kali Machine to my android Hotspot connection for Internet connectivity. I have searched over net there are solutions like SSH tunneling and port forward from your android. Some are saying that your ISP must have blocked the LPORT that you have used. Some are suggesting using VPN. I am reall...

Forum Thread: How to Hack Wifi Network with CMD

There's lots of people in this world want to know how to hack wifi networks. You must search for CMD and run as administrator. But you need to trick your victim to connect his Wifi to your PC or Laptop. NOTICE: This for education only. Note: Even if the victim has logged you out from the Wifi long time ago you still can hack the password.

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