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Forum Thread: How to Repair Corrupted EDB File?

EdbMails is a unique EDB to PST Exchange Server Recovery solution. It's an EDB to PST Conversion utility which facilitates granular / brick-level Exchange Server Recovery with EDB to PST Conversion. EDB to PST Converter repairs corrupt or damaged Exchange EDB files and restores the mailboxes into Outlook PST file. You can easily view Mailbox data from the PST files using MS Outlook application. It supports MS Exchange Server Recovery for 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 corrupt and unmounted database.

Forum Thread: EDB to PST Converter

EDB to PST Converter software user can efficiently recuperate damage EDB file as well as convert EDB to PST file in just few moments. It is compatible to recover from corrupt mailbox database and can export Exchange database into PST, PDF, MSG, EML and MBOX file formats.

Forum Thread: Eml to PST Conversion

Use One of the best Regain EML to PST Converter which can easily convert EML file into PST format without losing any data and convert single as well as multiple EML file at a one time.It also convert Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple email and uses EML to PST file format.This software is well compatible with Outlook Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2007 and 2013 and 2016.

Forum Thread: How to Repair a Corrupted File .Pdf ?

Hey I received an email with the application in PDF file format. When I tried to open a PDF file , it shows error message that says : "format Error : not the correct PDF format or the file is corrupted" Then I tried to open mine .pdf to other tools for .pdf files but they again showed the same error message .

Forum Thread: How Do I Access Different Directories Within Android via Meterpreter

I opened a meterpreter session on my android phone and was able to run all the basic commands such as dumpcalllog and webcamlist etc... however when i try to access and/or change directories such as /Internal storage/DCIM/Camera using the 'cd' command i get a stdapi error, and i believe it is due to there being a space within the internal storage directory, but im not positive... is there a work around for this? ive looked up so many different pages to find this answer and i cannot seem to fi...

Forum Thread: After Recon?

I did my recon (as suggested by most users around here, I just knew why it is really needed now) on a remote server, it is running a linux server with open ports (ssh, 80, etc), there are also ports that are opened by a node.js app, the node.js code looks like this:

Forum Thread: Need Help Cracking NVR Password

Hello everyone. I need help cracking a NVR password,i have access to the router settings,i have access to the PC,i know how to connect to the nvr,i just dont know the password.Any idea how to get it.I was thinking about brute forcing it but i dont want to create too much noice on the network.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Forum Thread: How to Hack Wifi Network with CMD

There's lots of people in this world want to know how to hack wifi networks. You must search for CMD and run as administrator. But you need to trick your victim to connect his Wifi to your PC or Laptop. NOTICE: This for education only. Note: Even if the victim has logged you out from the Wifi long time ago you still can hack the password.

Forum Thread: Can Someone Please Help Me Hack into My Gf's FB Messenger?

I know it's unethical, but you have no idea how this girl has fucked with my head. I love her and sincerely want her to be the person I thought she was, but I'm pretty sure she is poison and I need to move on. I hope she's right and I'm crazy and a horrible person and boyfriend for not trusting her, in which case I will apologize for wasting your time, donate $1,000 to any charity you want (including you directly if you choose, and admit that I am a complete asshole and a shitty person in gen...

Forum Thread: Problem with Metasploit and Veil Evasion

Im trying to get a veil evasion pay load to run on a windows 10 machine. Im using a reverse tcp payload. The lhost is set to my public ip address and the lport set to 4444. It bypasses antivirus just fine but when i run metasploit and double click in windows on the payload it wont connect. The lhost for the reverse tcp payload in metasploit i set to my local ip and lport 4444. Please help.

Forum Thread: Whats the Best Way to Hack a Wifi wpa2?

Hi i am trying to hack my home wifi to steal my password, i am new in the world of hacking networks, i have already tried evil twin attacks with fluxion and i found that it does disconnects only pcs not telephones, is there any solution or have i to change method of hacking? (I am trying now reaver and get Detected AP rate limiting) i am open to all kind of solutions, but i want to let you know that i am hacking using ubuntu because i had some problems with distributions like parrot os or kal...

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