Forum Thread: Problem with Airmon-Ng and VM

I'am running Kali Linux on the Oracle VM, everything works fine with my Atheros AR9271.

But when i start "airmon-ng start wlan0", it never finishes the command.

When i try to close the terminal and start a new one and type for example "iwconfig" it never finish this command too.

Sorry for my bad english and i hope you can help me. Thank you :)

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  1. Your wireless card may not support capture/monitor mode, some wireless cards don't support this.
  2. Some processes are trying to pull it back from monitor mode.

so for second case you should do airmon-ng check kill", before putting wlan0 into monitor mode. (this will kill these processes and keep them away)

now i can put it in monitor mode, but after this every command is running endless, like before.

• First of all, you need configure the Oracle VM: File – Settings – Proxy – select Direct Connection to Internet

• Then you configure your Kali Linux VM: plug your network adapter in USB – go to Settings – in Net select Bridge mode – in USB you must add your network adapter – then edit the filter, Remote must be No

• After that start your Kali Linux VM
• After the Kali Linux being ready, then, just then, PLUG YOUR NETWORK ADAPTER IN USB
• In this point you are going to listen 2 noises, one for the connection in the host e other for the connection in VM
• You can check the status in Devices – USB, you must see your network adapter already selected
• Try the airodump routine, it has good chances to work

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