Forum Thread: Aireplay-Ng "No Such BSSID Available"

Hi. I followed this guide

Anyone knows what could be wrong? Tried google but none of their suggestions fit my situation. They suggested that it was operating on the wrong channel but it selects the right one. They also suggested that the wlan0 interface was still active and it is not. I have Atheros chipset. I even tried bumping one of my own devices, still without any luck.

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Can you show us the output of airodump and aireplay? Preferably as screenshots.


I think you need to change the bssid you have enter in parameter after the -a option.Try to use the BSSID of the A.P no this one of the equipment you want to deauth.

In this case:
"aireplay-ng -1 0 -a A0:63:91:20:04:F2 -c (mac adrr of the client) wlan0"


aireplay-ng --deauth 1 -a AP-MACadr -c Client-MACadr wlan0mon worked. Thanks a lot :).

You entered the wrong BSSID.

Ye. I misunderstood. Thought it was the ClientMACadr after -a. Dummy me :)

I having the same problem but deauth nevet works on right channel
Where i should provide channel information?

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