Forum Thread: How to Know if You Are a Script Kiddie?

Hello everyone I wanted to know how do you know if you are a Script Kiddie.
I really don't want to become one.

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Answer on this question is relative. What do you consider script kiddie? I consider script kiddie user who use tools and don't know what is he doing. Other people maybe won't agree with me. They would say something like "You are script kiddie if you use programs which are already made". But what if I don't want to waste my time on making new tool? Does that make me a script kiddie? Time is very precious and valuable to me. So, as i said earlier. On this question, you can get many many different answers.

So do hackers actually use other programs like metasploit?

Yes ! Metasploit is widely used. That program is what every hacker must know.

Program???? Dafuq? That's a Framework developed by Rapid7!

From what I understand, a script kiddy is someone who uses other people's work, software, exploits and hacks, without having the desire to learn on their own. They only want to brag that they are a leet hacker. I believe that the majority of legit hackers start by using other people's things but move on to learn how it works and develop their own software and hacks. If you don't want to be a script kiddy, follow tutorials on here until you have a good understanding of how to hack, then start learning programming languages. Then you can learn how to develop your own skills.

question though when you do know how to code and for example you find a vulnerability in a server how would you actually create your own exploit.

Would you do it with coding?

Yes. If you just look around on, there are numerous vulnerabilities and exploits. You can see the code that someone wrote, and are free to download/copy and edit it.

You don't really find a 0day in a server, you find it in an application, which may happen to be on that server.

Thanks MAte!

In my opinion a script kiddie is a person who just uses tools made from others without knowing how it works. The difference between a script kiddie and a beginner is that a beginner at least have the desire to learn more about hacking.

If you don't want to be a script kiddie then learn how to code at least one language preferably python or bash for making tools(You can try anything else those are just great choices)

And try making your own tool to better understand it and definitely no to copying and pasting codes into your clipboard that's not how you learn(Don't forget to comment on the code to remember what that piece functions)(Projects recommendations:Port scanner, Packet Sniffer, Arp Poisoning tool etc.)

And remember to take it slow don't rush it if you think you can take a bigger level go for it but all I'm saying is that if you don't understand it don't skip it unless you tried all possible ways hope this helps.

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