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Hello everyone, im new to wifi hacking and cracking and i really like fluxion. However when i use fluxion after ive chosen the network,chosen deauth option,made certificate after doing all that at teh end when everything is setup. Nothing happens it doesnt work. Also do you need to be connected to wifi while doing this because when i select language it closes NetworkManager. Thanks.

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did you solved it help me

Hi I have the same problem.

I bought a wifi card that supports monitor mode and was recommended with the atheros chipset. I fall flat once i have de authed everyone, even if you are closer to the victim than the router, it will still connect them back to their router and not to your cloned AP. The only way i was able to get this working was manually de auth in another terminal, if i keep that going then they have no choice but to connect to your Clone AP. This may not work with Iphone. Does anyone know if there is a way to have more success with fluxion and MITM attack.


I found out there are two versions of fluxion both of them which gives me the same results but because my wifi adapter broke i really need to get back to diagnose the problem

Someone plzz try these and tell me which one works for you

Fluxion Official latest release
Fluxion old release

If not try to configure your dhcp config file
but first remove udhcp from your directories

apt-get autoremove udhcp
locate dhcpd
nano /etc/dhcpd.conf

Default-lease-time 600;
Max-lease-time 7200;
Subnet netmask {
Option routers
Option subnet-mask;
Option domain-name "Openwifi";
Option domain-name-servers;

exit and save good luck!

I have my ethernet set up as ap and a ralink adapter set up to monitor and eject and I select aps with clients and none ever connect to fake ap.

I use Kali 2020.1 with dual boot and using Fluxion/Network. I am able to get handshake with aireplay deauth if I use mdk3 deauth is not working. I only get message

"Periodically re-reading blacklist/ whitelist every 3 seconds. read failed: Network is down wi_read(): Network is down" sometimes it also close deauth window. And I am trying it to my own wifi network but my net in=s not kicked off and and does not disconnect and still net is connected

Mean that authentication message is not showing to original app
Plz help or send some suggestion

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