Fluxion : Cracking Wifi Without Bruteforce or Wordlist in Kali Linux 2017.1. [Full Guide]

Hello Friends.
This is another tutorial in Cracking Wifi series.
Today we are using another application named "FLUXION".

NOTE : This video is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only.

The main advantage of fluxion is that it doesn't use any wordlist or perform bruteforce attack to break the key.
Fluxion creates a Open twin Ap of the target network.
When someone tries to connect to that network a fake authentication page pops up asking for key.
When user enters the key, fluxion captures that key and provides us.

Step 1: Download and Install Fluxion into Your System.

Goto : https://github.com/wi-fi-analyzer/fluxion

Step 2: Extract Fluxion.

After Downloading fluxion . Goto Downloads and extract Fluxion.

Step 3: Run Fluxion.

Goto extracted directory where fluxion.sh is located and Run
If all required file are updated and installed then fluxion will run, otherwise a list of unavailable files will show.

Step 4: Install Required Files.

If any of the required file is missing then you have to install them.
For this goto install directory and open terminal there. Now, Run :

It will install all required files.
Now you are ready to run Fluxion.

Step 5: Cracking WiFi.

1- Run : ./fluxion.sh
2- Select Language.

3- Select Channel. I prefer All channels.

It will start scanning your nearby networks on all channels.
Press CTRL + C to stop the search.
4- Enter ID of the channel you want to crack.

5- Select Attack option. I prefer FakeAp - Hostpad.

6- Select Handshake check. I prefer pyrit.

7- Select Capture Handshake option. I prefer Deauth All.

Now wait for the handshake.

After handshake is captured close both windows. And in Status Handshake select Check handshake.
8- Now Select Create a ssl certification.

9- Select Web Interface.

10- Select Login Page.

Now wait for the user to connect to our open twin Ap and enter key for authentication.
After a user is connected he/she has to enter the password.
As soon as he/she enters the password we get it.

Thats All.
For Full video tutorial goto :

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Is there a link to see the fake log in pages?

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