Forum Thread: How do i hack a facebook account using keylogger?

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I suggest looking at earlier posts first before asking for help. As soon as you find out what a keylogger actually does it will become clear how it would be possible to hack a facebook account. I think it is possible to do this without asking for help immediately. There are even how-to's that explain how to make a keylogger. If you then still don't get any further you should explain clearly what it is exactly that you don't seem to get to work or what you don't understand. Then I can help you.

Items to google :

Find owner of account, beat him/her and he/she will give you password....

That was joke ;) . Find out how keylogger works, google the possible ways, do some research before posting a question. There are million questions like yours, and million different answers which may help you to better understand how everything works. In short, install keylogger on victim machine, look output and done.

Yes you all right. I guess it is more the time that i dont have to do the research.if anyone can lead me to someone who can help me install and use the keylogger to gain control of a facebook account i would appreciate it. If the cost to do so is not to expensive please reaach out to me with a price of your services.

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