Forum Thread: How to Hack a Facebook Account Using Kali Linux 2.0 ?

I wanted to hack an account really urgently. Can anyone help me with this ?

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As far I'm aware the best methods would be:

  • Phishing (make a fake facebook page or email for example) to get the password or security question answers.
  • Compromising their machine with metasploit and using meterpreter keyscan
  • Using knowledge about the victim to trick "account recovery" (for example answering security questions or adding them as a friend on fake fb accounts and using the "allow my friends to verify I'm locked out" option)
  • Occupytheweb has two tutorials detailing specific methods to hack facebook but they have to be used under particular circumstances

There's no silver bullet tool for facebook and as a website it has a lot of money and man power so its very secure.

When I use the setoolkit and clone the website and after that when I try putting my IP in the URL and run it, it always shows the apaceserver running successfully but not the fake site! Could you help me with this ?

if you're using Kali 2.0, the new root directory for apache2 is not /var/www/ but /var/www/html/....setoolkit places the cloned website in /var/www/ so you have to move the created files manually from there to the /html/ directory

HXRROFO- I've already tried that but that doesn't work..

when I send the link to the victim it doesn't open .can you help me out please

Did you forward your port on the router ? There's plenty of posts on how to do that.

me too when i send link to the victim it doesn t open
help me please

Using your ip is ok

But it works for you and doesn't for the victim because the external traffic is blocked your router so you have to port forward to receive external traffic.

But it still works among devices connected to a wifi you are connected with.

i used port forwarding but its not working. is it because the apache2 in kali linux (1.0 that i use) uses the same port i.e 80? how do i solve this?

i can only get the password on my ip how can i fix this

guys can u help me how hack facebook i have tried by using hydra-gtk but it can't generate password can anybody help me send msg at my fb inbox or here

hey guys
i m just strted on hacking
so can sum1 tell how 2 hack fb acc using kali 2.0<i hav kali 2.0>

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