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I've been deciding the best way to make my hacking portable. I've two questions.

1: What can Nethunter do. Is it as capable as regular Kali? Can it use all the usual tools like metasploit and set and netcat and everything

2: Is it better to use nethunter, a portable raspberry pi setup with a touch screen, or just a regular laptop?
I'm also trying to stay relatively budget. Any answers to the above questions is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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And I know this was already sort of discussed in a recent forum post but I wanted to directly ask my two questions where people would see them. Sorry about that

Yes , it's capaple to work as the regular Kali. , it contains a full Kali Linux toolset, with many tools available via a simple menu system , 802.11 Wireless Injection and AP mode support with multiple supported USB wifi cards ,Supports BadUSB MITM attacks. Plug in your Nethunter to a victim PC, and have your traffic relayed though it, Hack with no extra device , just your phone .

So you think nethunter is the best way to go? Not a laptop or a raspberry pi "tablet"?

By the way by a pi tablet I mean a raspberry pi portable setup with a touch screen and whatever i don't know.

A net hunter is better .

Nethunter was created for android devices, so its a good option if you own one of the supported devices ( ). If you don't own one of the supported devices, you can port it to another device... But it may take some time+effort.

The easiest option IMO would be to get a cheap portable laptop that you could install Kali to.

So I don't already have an android device but Nexus 7 isn't that expensive and I found one for a good bargain. I've Kali running on a desktop so getting it on a laptop won't be that big of and issue and I also found a tutorial on how to install nethunter so how easy it is to install isn't that big of a problem. What I'm really interested in are the pros and cons of each one in terms of performance and abilities.

P.S. Two points that are sort of influencing my decision are 1. Laptops can be expensive and usually the cheap ones aren't so good (Correct me if I'm wrong or maybe point me to a link to a good cheap one if you can) and 2. Tablets are cool and hacking from one would be like the movies which is a stupid reason i know.

So anyway based on what I wrote above which do you think I should get

But my device works faster it not even takes 10 sec

After shows temporary error...and apt method configaration could not load to solve it on my nexus 5

I am currently using Nethnuter via Nexus 4 and nexus 7.

First, yes it is a good thing that it is very protable and the nethunter app does offer some cool features. However, what you should keep in mind is that a phone or tablet cannot compete against a laptop in terms of Hardware performance. For example, if you turn on metasploit, it takes about 3mins or so in order to turn it on.

what would you choose for the best budget phone and laptop?

nexus 6 has really good specs and is supported for Nethunter, you could probably find one for around 200 dollars

Can someone tell me please what does kali nethunter require so I can know if it can work on my device or not.

I am using nethunter on lenovo k6 power. And yes it is working well

I also HAVE lenovo k6 power with android marshmallow! I have tried so hard in 2 months to understand how I should install nethunter on lenovo. Can you explain HOW you install nethunter?? Because lenovo k6 is not a supported device, which means that you must compile the nethunter kernel to suite with your android kernel, which is for me 3.18.24. I was ended up (in my ideas) to replace my kernel with 4.8 and then install the code from google android source! Linux deploy did not work nor did limbo pc... Can you (DARSHAN GOWDA) PLEASE tell me how you added lenovo k6 for nethunter. Did you do with magisk or something else? I am new on this forum. I would appreciate very much for any answer from you DARSHAN GOWDA! :)

How did u get net hunter for Lenovo k6 I can't find ist please help

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