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Hello, everyone.

After visiting the Kali Linux website, I discovered something that was released along with 1.0.9a which I overlooked, and that is Kali Linux NetHunter.

"NetHunter is [an] Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices built on top of Kali Linux, which includes some special and unique features. Of course, you have all the usual Kali tools in NetHunter as well as the ability to get a full VNC session from your phone to a graphical Kali chroot."

So basically, it is a super mobile Kali Linux platform built specifically for Nexus devices with pre-programmed attacks. And before I leave you all to have a look about for yourselves, there are some key things that you should know.

"Kali NetHunter runs within a chroot environment on the Android device so, for example, if you start an SSH server via an Android application, your SSH connection would connect to Android and not Kali Linux. This applies to all network services."

"When configuring payloads, the IP address field is the IP address of the system where you want the shell to return to. Depending on your scenario, you may want this address to be something other than the NetHunter."

"Due to the fact that the Android device is rooted, Kali NetHunter has access to all hardware, allowing you to connect USB devices such as wireless NICs directly to Kali using an OTG cable."

I've watched a couple of the videos, one of which was a USB MitM, and I think it's really cool. So go ahead, check it out. And if you have one of the newer Nexus devices, install it and tell us all what you think.


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Actually, there are different Android distribution for pentesting as I recall, but I guess the most professionals are these ones mentioned.

And, I mean, it's a smartphone (dammit iPhone, Christmas is coming, he's trembling in fear...).

It seems pretty smart as a distribution, can't wait to try it out. I knew about installing Kali on Android but totally overlooked this.

One thing leaves me perplex: maybe this is not as fast as a computer, though you can't have everything, and should be enough.

A Nexus 5 has a quad-core processor with 2gb RAM; it's pretty stellar in terms of smartphone specs.


Maybe I'm just underestimating it...

What you can do with nethunter and can you run it on aony xperia z

I've already briefly outlined what you can do with NetHunter in the article; I also doubt you'd be able to get it to run on a Sony Xperia phone as it's built specifically for the Nexus 5. However, never say never.


I installed on my Nexus 5 and i can say it´s run great

You need a USB OTG Cable and an usb Wifi adapter like the TP-LInk wn727 because it is very cheap an have one of the best Atheros Chip vor wifi hacking. Wifi hacking is very simple because there is an tool caled WIFIte that do the work automatic for you. You just select witch wifi you wan´t to hack an WIFIte do the rest. WPA spots hackt in under 10 min.

Sry for my terrible English im from the Great German Reich

I download that nethunter on my xperia z and it show some error it write column date_modified is not allowed in queries what that mean any help how i can install it?

I just told you that it's built specifically for Nexus devices.


Welcome to my world, Ghost ;-)

Heh, oh I know all too well. I may not post all that much; but I lurk like crazy.


Thank you, and welcome to Null Byte.


Haha sorry :) i know you tell me that its build for nexus but i read on thier website it can be run on other androids too

it's pretty simple , root your device then download complete linux installer from google play . then follow directions to download kali linux and install . presto kali linux among many distributions on any rooted android device.

I will not be bored anymore i will just buy nexus phone and i fix my problem


What can you say about this link? This is about installing Nethunter on an HTC One X phone. I want to try it but I'm not sure about some of his terms from that tutorial.

There's not much to say about the link. If you're unfamiliar with some of the terms used in the guide; I would suggest being very careful or not attempting it at all. It could completely brick your phone.

With that said, if you don't care whether or not the phone is bricked in the process, have at it. Nothing like experience.


Experience shows that bricked androids do not exist , but I'm not one to argue after checking the all so gruesome repartition box and recovered with ease. Even made a note 10 a nexus 10 for a day after having the nexus 7 so naked the pc wouldn't even recognize it as a USB device all of which are running strong today with Kali nethunter and Ubuntu touch.

This will make easy for anyone that has doubts in their own abilities which I feel are no less than anyone else's when minds are open, we determine what possibilities we will achieve. Wugfresh has a few nice toolboxes as well for anyone that is not yet comfy with rooting or flashing in command terminal. Happy hunting.

it is for the oneplus one . download complete linux installer on google play. nethunter is very moody when flashing and also requires otg y cable and external usb wifi adapter .

Ok. I'll try it. I know the consequences of having your phone bricked. Mine's bricked many times. Lol

Good luck with it; let us know how you went.


Full disclosure: I've not looked yet, but do you recall if there was a repo for this? or any uncompiled source code? just of the top of your head.

I have a thing id like to try?

I haven't seen any repo or uncompiled source code for this; but will keep my eyes open for you.


Nethunter also works great on the Oneplus one. I would recommend checking out the Oneplus one is you have not already

Has anyone tried the nethunter framwork on there nexus yet ?
im planning to try it anyone have any opinions of it

or should i buy a random android tablet and use Linux deploy

i am currently using on nexus 7 2013 and moto nexus 6 . if following directions is simple then flashing it is simple . i recommend using the installer on

I do not know the place to bring up this question or not!
Nexus phone 5 32gb to 16gb After installation nethunter his memory of the fallen solution to this problem there?
Plz help me, thanks.

download nexus tool kit . follow directions from there for complete factory reset and unroot. if that does not work wipe all partitions then boot to bootloader and reflash OS with nexus tool kit

I'm not quite understanding what you're asking.


The Land sorry my English is poor.

After nethunter installed on my phone (Nexus 5 32GB) memory found in my storage. My memory is now in storage 16GB, how to restore the original state?

thank you.

An OS will always take up storage space, the 16GB capacity that you've lost is being taken up by Nethunter.

I've not used Nethunter; so I can't direct you on how to rectify this issue. However, I would assume that restoring your Android OS would solve your problem.

You rooted your Android, so you should have the technical know-how to fix this issue.


Check xda forums I had the same issue can't remember what I did though. Got back a crap load of space thouvh

Why can't use other Android smart phone?

Hey Guys,

I was looking for a new android to get for the holidays and stumbled upon the Nexus 5X. Does anyone know if nethunter is compatible with the 5X. Please respond soon as there is a sale in my area.


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