Forum Thread: Nethunter Wlan1 Monitor ?

I saw nethunter offers a "Wlan1 Monitor mode" command.
so how do you plug the wlan1 ?
USB OTG doesn't work because I can't find the right kernel that supports it.

I have two usb wireless adapters: one that works on a raspberry pi (I just tested monitor mode and packet injection) and one that probably won't work without a powered usb hub (monitor and injection working too).

I have an unlocked bootloader, root and USB OTG support on my device and also an USB OTG cable.

UPDATE: Tried to install android M because the kernel had the right options.
Buy Google Nexus instead.
Or try CyanogenMod?

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download the right kernel for your device and it should work. I have nethunter on Galaxy Note 3 N9005 and packet injection works like charm without any issues. Check if your kernel can be found HERE

No official Kernel but there is one (FlareX) that has NetHunter builds (that doesn't seem updated but the v3.0 crashes anyway). I couldn't find the option (using make) on another kernel (that worked fine) but maybe because it is currently only updated for android M (I have android L). Maybe FlareM will work but it's for CM 13)

I have note 3 9005 and installed phronosis rom v5.1 note 7 port rom its my daily driver. Now i want to run nethunter in it. Also installed nethunter successfully but external wifi card is not supported so what can i do please healp?

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