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I am having a really hard time finding a tutorial or a guide explaining how to encrypt my drives on dual boot I will be using window 10 and arch Linux but I don't know if I need to encrypt windows first and than after encrypt Linux??? or do I have encrypt windows and than partition drive an than encrypt Linux??? I'm really confused on how to do this and any help would help thank you.....

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I'm at work at the moment and can't go into it, but when I get home in a few hours, I'll write something up.

Also, don't know why people are downvoting you, it's a valid question. Especially in our line.


I upvoted this question because people should know how encrypting drives is done. Basically, it's on a partition by partition basis:

You can fully encrypt your Linux install, or you could have a separate partition for your /home that gets encrypted.

If you have two installations, you'll probably encrypt each install (win10 and Arch) independently.

Personally, I don't have my win10 partition encrypted since I only boot into win10 to download Linux distros. I have my Ubuntu /home encrypted with ecryptfs, in the default way offer upon installation of the distro.

i down voted your comment

Have you thought of just running your Linux install as a VM and then encrypting the full drive? Not only will it do exactly what you're asking, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle and is likely the best solution for you at this moment.

The only cons at this moment is that you will need VM software, resources will be shared between the two OS', and you will need an external wireless adapter.

The second con isn't really that much of an issue, but if you're willing to live with those, why not go the easier route?

The way you're wanting to do it will probably require a lot more work than you're willing to put in.


This works; but, with limited resources, partitioning will probably be more efficient.

He wouldn't even need that fantastic of a computer. Most standard computers come with more than enough to be able to run both.

That being said, I think if he has the specs for it, go the VM route. If not, then we look at partitions. That's just me.


hey sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you guys I have been reading and trying so many different things, I decided not to use arch linux and use ubuntu...also I really don't like the VM way...I have a 500GB drive why not divide it in half its easy to partition just encrypting has been difficult for me cause i have never done it before...any ways I have read that I can encryt both window and ubuntu with veracrypt see I was under the impression that it could only be windows that could be encrypted with veracrypt but like I have said I have been doing alot of reading and I think I have figured it out and if I have any questions I will ask you guys thank you for responding and as far as the down votes I get that alot for some reason I don't know why...

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