Forum Thread: Backdoor ?

what i know -> i can exploit the system then through the meterpreter i can create a backdoor .
my question :
can i create a backdoor without meterpreter
then put this backdoor physically in pc and in any time i want i can connect to it ?

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That's exactly what a backdoor is.


i know that , but what i need is create backdoor without meterpreter becouse i will put it in pc manually
you what i mean

Netcat is a simple backdoor.

Any of the Metasploit payloads can be installed manually on the system and serve as a backdoor.

but metasploit payloads don't run automatically
it needs to executed
i want this payload to connect to me automatically
i hope i explain what i need ^^

If you are putting it in manually as you say, just execute it manually.

Netcat might be your best bet, though.

if i will execute it , i need to listen on come connections at the same time and i can't do it ^^
and netcat can do what i need

there is a persistence post exploitation module for meterpreter you can run that will run automatically every 10 seconds, provided it isnt blocked by av.

ya i know persistence but this must run through meterpreter it built and depends on the payload i.e you can't use this backdoor if the victim don't execute the payload

Yh misread your question, thought you were talking about your own computer. You could use a BadUSB HID attack to emulate a keyboard and set up a reverse shell through the command line.

all i need is to put a file into a pc just it
this file will be has a apayload and reverse connection to my router when the user log on

all the backdoor we do it from meterpreter
what if someone has physical access to this pc and he need only to put a backdoor

I don't think you understand what a backdoor is. You reject all of our solutions because you think they're not backdoors.

You don't appear to know much, which is fine, this is a great place to learn. But as Cracker Hacker said; you're being given solutions but are rejecting them.

What's not good is you attempting to do things which are beyond your capabilities.

We may seem harsh in telling you to study instead of attempting these things, but the only reason we say this is because in the real world, hacking carries heavy penalties.

It doesn't matter if your intention was just to learn; you can and will be prosecuted if caught, which is almost completely a certainty if you don't know what you're doing.

Please heed what we say, but if you absolutely must attempt these sorts of things, please do so in a controlled lab environment.

I compiled a few good links for someone starting up in the hacking field in this article here. First and foremost, learn Linux and intermediate computing skills, from there it really branches out. I hope you take this as advice more than a personal attack; like I said, not knowing is fine, we're just trying to steer you away from making a mistake.


thank you guys ^^ i appreciate your advise =D
and don't worry what i do is in a virtual lab environment
i learn and attempt to do what i learn to know what happen exactly in the real world ^
but i really appreciate your advice =D
but the problem was me i asked the wrong question
what really i want to do is an autorun payload when the user reboot his pc this payload wil run automatic =D
and i could do to it ^^ i put a shortcut in startup in windows =D
that's it sorry guys for my bad question ^
but i really know what a backdoor is =D

You could setup the payload as a start up process, I think.

I'm being overdosed on the smileys...

Sounds like you need to migrate to a system process..

done guys i found a solution
-> edit the registry files to autoran the payload

msfvenom is a tool that create payloads for metasploit.

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