Forum Thread: How Can We Connect to a Backdoor After Changing Ip ?


I wouldn't be wrong assuming that most people nowadays use a dynamic ip. After exploiting a system, admitting that both sides (attacker and victim) reboot their machines, modems and routers, how is the attacker supposed connect back to the backdoor ?

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you could either set up a static ip or go by the attacking machines hostname.

Most black hats avoid this problem by using something called a "command and control" server (or "C&C server").


so, how to use C&C server.. could you plzz tell?

Look it up.


Use a dynamic DNS service. You will get a domain name which will stay pointed to your IP whenever it changes.

Aren't domain names supposed to be paying ?

Yes, generally you must pay for a domain.

just use no-ip and you will have he same ip to backdoor with

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