Backdoor, Listeners: How to Know if Your Computer or Smartphones Have One?

How can I find out if there's a backdoor in my computer or in my iphone or android?? And how do I get rid of it without formatting the computer or restoring the iphone?

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Lynis will not tell him if he has a backdoor installed, it will only tell him the known vulnerabilities on his system.

Hi my ports on my tbinv app zbow that got trogN and backxoor what can I do I thonk my mac address diffwrebt from beforr as well

So I prepay in advanced for my prepay but my device will connect to a network without my knowledge that allows me to make calls sometime or not receive certain messages or sometimes I won't be able to connect to internet text or call or certain settings will change by themselves and my platforms will be logged Into devices I don't recognize or say my email was logged in to places that I haven't been (I won't leave the house all day but my Google says I was 10 min drive in town) sometimes it will glitch and random ads have locked my phone with some weird text on screen at first I thought it was a virus but 2 new phones and I watch my downloads careful but it still happans???? What's this sound like?

Oh OK. What about installing a rootkit checker?

what about installing a new backdoor through an unsafe tool picked up from the internet ?

Thanks guys. How about on smartphones? How do you know if it has a backdoor or listener?

Well it depends on what type of IPhone or smartphone you are talking about.

how about iphone 4G ios 7??

Right now all I can tell you is the government can track you.

I already know that. And I want to get rid of that.

Oh. The solution is to jail break your Iphone.

Done. What's next?

Go to settings now. Then hit privacy. Click the tab that says advertising and then turn on limit ad tracking.

Hmm.. That's new. Anyway, done. After that? Is that it? How can I verify that there are no backdoors on my iPhone or that no one is tracking or can track me anymore??


That method, limit ad tracking, only makes certain that advertisers can't track you. Is does not insure that a backdoor has not been installed or the government tracking you.

Ok. Then how can I verify that my iPhone doesn't have backdoors? Or how can I tell that no one's tracking me anymore??

I referred you to my article. Did you read it?

Yes I did. But that's only for computers. How about on iPhone? by the way I have a comment there. Can you please check the photo I attached to my comment. Thanks

So how do you now check if iPhone has backdoors? or how can I prevent hackers or even NSA track me through my phone.


You can do the same analysis with your phone.

I think you are too worried about the NSA. The NSA can track anybody the want to.

LOL. Not really. Actually I was just amazed about how they're doing those tracking and hacking. And just curious about it.

Just one question. Do you think you can at least level yourself to one of the NSA's IT security department(whatever they call it) members?

Or are they that genius?

They are not genius. They have access to resources that give them access to all traffic. Its not a matter of skill, its a matter of resources and legal authority.

If you have unlimited resources, access to backbones and plus a talent to stock pile and weaponize 0 days you can do anything and even capture and filter YB's of data. If you are a nation state that is.

Clear. That was a very clear explanation. Thanks guys.

How exactly can I check and close on a Samsung galaxy A01

i thought this is a tutorial smh

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