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Hello, I am my own Administrator and I want to test the strenght of my network. So reinstalled my laptop so there is no password and nothing. So now I am out of my network and I'm playing "hacker". So what should I do? I don't know the password, I don't know the IP of the router I know nothing! How should I start?

So I begin the discussion!

I'm thinking that I can look if the network is safe with WPS/WEP/WPA2 ect. Ok it is WPA2.
I start bruteforce!

Meanwhile I'm thinking if I know somebody in the network so I probably can send him a backdoor! But no! There is noone I know. So bruteforce failed. What should I do next?

I read some "How to" but I'm not sure what I should do next because WPA2 is very difficult!

PS: Another discussion. So we are in the network as a "normal" user. How can I "hack" another user? Any ideas?

Thanks for alle comments :)
PPS: Happy hacking

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Okay, first the attack you perform on your access point isn't a Brute Force attack but more likely a Dictionary Attack for the simple reason that a Brute Force Attack never fails if the password doesn't change meanwhile : it's just insanely long (100~1000 years ). It's just to clarify things.

Now about your question : you're not doing things in the right order. First you need to gather intel on your target. You need to know as much as you can : it's always the first step for a selective hack. Do you know your target name/domain name ? Do you know its email ? Then use whois-like database to find other information...

Otherwise you'll be limited at trying to crack your target AP...

Oh ok so thank you. Finally I'm in the network and I want to hack a computer but how? Without Backdoor or something. I mean I wrote the article about the neighbour and he got connected with an exploit but it didn't work for me?! What should I do.

PS: Thank you for taking time to write back :)

The thing with hacking it's really "case by case". An exploit can work on one computer and not on a other for various reason : the host is patched, the kernel has changed and the exploit is affected, or the host firewall is blocking your shell...

I don't understand the second part of your post. Can you rephrase it ? From what I understand a neighbour of yours managed to exploit your victim while you failed. Did you target the same host ? Did you use the same exploit and the same payload ?

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