Being Anonymous: How to Delete Almost Everything from the Internet

What is the best way to delete,if not all, almost everything about me from the internet? I know it is impossible to delete all. But I was wondering if there is fastest way to search for all the sites that I've registered, especially the non important sites(ex. social networking sites), so I can delete my account. Also, I may know some sites I've joined but I forgot the others.

Any help is welcome.

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7 Responses

Learn how to dox and then dox yourself. Until you find all accounts :)


Wayback machine will never forget you.

ahah well its a start


Try calling nsa... they will surely help you ;);)

Just kidding lol.. the damage is done now.. you cant undo it.. we all made that mistake..

Get a new face.. new id... new passport... full new identity... haha ;);)

Delete your accounts and hope that Google and other search engines eventually forget you. Try searching for your name a lot, and the engines re-crawl usually.

Just search for 'se7enpeace' on google hahah..
The first 3 and a half pages are all me!! I can be tracked so easily ahhaha!! ;);)

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